The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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It’s not compulsory for mums to be drunk!

If you were to look at the range of Mother’s Day cards in the shops, you would be forgiven if you thought that the key to motherhood is being drunk most of the time. Baby grows that say ‘I’m the reason mummy drinks’ to cards depicting wine-guzzling, champagne swimming mums for most of your card choices. It is depressing; it is a joke that has reached the level of being normal and, along with it, created an expectation that mums are boozy as a way to cope with parenthood. Father’s Day does not fare much better, with a picture of whisky suggesting that the only redeeming feature of a father is his choice of drink.

But there is another area where the assumption that drink is the ultimate gift for a mum. Restaurants and their Mother’s Day Lunch deals.

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Lack of alcohol-free options on Mother’s Day offers

Club Soda has been looking at historical Mother’s Day offers in bars and restaurants. Related statistics show that venues are losing a huge revenue stream by not offering an alcohol-free drink as part of their promotions. In our survey, only 3 out of 53 venues talked about an alcohol-free option for their Mother’s Day offer – despite some of the venues surveyed having a great alcohol-free range available. 

With 1 in 3 visits to the pubs now being alcohol-free (according to research from KAM), and with Mother’s Day also being a Sunday, a day that people are less likely to partake in alcohol, venues are missing a huge opportunity to attract families on Mother’s Day, and trade up their customers from tap water to a nice non-alcoholic drink.

If a venue has a great range of alcohol-free drinks, Mother’s Day is perfect for showing it off. Not every mother drinks alcohol, especially on a Sunday. We believe all venues should equalise their offers and shout about it in their publicity, websites, and social media. Offering a glass of alcohol-free fizz like Zeno, Noughty or Moderato (all Club Soda best-sellers!) is an easy way to exceed customer expectations on a special day.

Do you know a venue that has equalised its promotion and offers an alcohol-free option? Let us know here.

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