The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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Remember to breathe this Christmas

Nicola Price: Remember to breathe this Christmas

We’re in the run-up to Christmas, with a week and a bit away until the big day, and many people are starting to feel stressed about Christmas.

This week on the podcast, we’re talking to the lovely Nicola Price. Nicola’s work is to teach people to breathe and connect with the breath during stressful times. She’s been alcohol-free for a long time, and as a breast cancer survivor, she’s a fighter and an inspiration, all while helping others to be calm. This podcast is full of useful tips on remembering to breathe this Christmas, with lessons you can apply year-round.

About Nicola Price

Nicola Price runs Inspirational Breathing, a training organisation dedicated to helping you discover the simplest yet most powerful healing tool available to you – your breath. Inspirational Breathing uses a conscious, connected breathing technique to remove unhelpful patterns of behaviour and release deeply-held layers of trauma and pain. Find the joy and bliss state that might need to be uncovered!

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