The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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Sober clubbing with Dr Avi from Move4Love

Changing our drinking habits doesn’t have to mean changing the things that give us joy. This includes the sociable elements of going out, such as music and dancing. Sure, we may be a bit nervous about raving away without alcohol turning off the self-conscious switch. In our interview with a practising doctor and mindful DJ Dr Avi, founder of Australian movement Move4Love, we learn how popular and fun sober clubbing really is!

What is Move4Love?

Move4Love is a global movement started by Dr Avi in 2017 which centres around movement and wellbeing. The movement aims to create safe and supportive spaces for people to express themselves via music and dance. Move4Love is an inclusive sober clubbing experience for people of all ages, fitness levels, cultures, and backgrounds. This alcohol and drug-free experience is run by international DJs and aims to prescribe a large dose of fun and physical movement to those who are embracing a sober lifestyle.

Use music as a tool…to help you de stress, because it can change your state relatively quickly. You can use music to just chill out, change your state, move to it and just dance.

Dr Avi

The movement, which was started in 2017, involved sober clubbing events that took place in Australia. Since the pandemic put a stop to music events, Move4Love has engaged with ‘moverrs’ globally by taking their events online. What started with Facebook live streams became private Zoom events. So, over the last 16 months, the way Move4Love engage with their community and also the events themselves, have changed.

What do Move4Love’s sober clubbing events look like?

Move4Love’s philosophy is that everything is rooted in love – freedom from addiction is a form of self-love. But, as Dr Avi says in our podcast, the English language only has one worked for love. The Greeks, however, have 4 words for love; family love (Storge), romantic love (Eros), friends love (Philia) and unconditional love for self & humanity (Agape). Each of Move4Love’s recent events centre around these 4 themes.

We’ve been playing on the on the four themes in our events; we have mindfulness and meditation, and we have some movement, we have the rave part. And then we close off with gratitude. And that’s that whole four in one experience that you get.

Dr Avi

Want to discover some sober clubbing with Move4Love yourselves?

A bonus to having to move classes online due to the pandemic is that now anyone can in, no matter where in the world you are!

Move4Love’s next online event is their Wellness Dance Party on Saturday the 4th of September at 7:30 pm AEST (Eastern Australia) or 10:30 am GMT (UK time). Who says you can’t rave in your kitchen on a Saturday morning, UK clubbers? Book your tickets here for this transformative event.

About Dr Avi

Dr Avnesh Ratnanesan, or Dr Avi as he’s better known, is a practising medical doctor who trained in the UK and worked for the NHS for a number of years. He relocated to Australia, and while there, came to a long-growing decision that alcohol wasn’t allowing him to fulfil his potential or be his authentic self. Dr Avi founded Move4Love based on his experiences as a doctor and as someone who chose sobriety and wants to help others dealing with addiction issues. Under the tag DJ 1Conscious, Dr Avi is an international DJ, Producer and Wellness Expert who also lends his musical talents to promote social wellbeing and connectivity.

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