The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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Ask Dru Live screenshot struggling with day one and beyond

Struggling with day one and beyond

At the beginning of January, Club Soda’s Dru and Laura were live on Facebook and YouTube for a community Q&A, answering your questions on everything to do with changing your drinking. In this video, they answer your questions on everything from struggling with day one to overcoming boredom and everything in between.

Struggling with day one (3:02​)

If you’re struggling to get through one day not drinking, it’s likely that the concept of “day one” isn’t working for you. So here’s a radical suggestion: Forget about it as a concept.

Think instead about specific moments in the day. Your day one isn’t a whole 24 hour period in which you don’t drink, but a series of specific moments. So focus on the moment when you would normally have a drink, and make change only in that moment.

Don’t exhaust your willpower by thinking about drinking from the moment you wake up. Often, when we’re struggling and especially if we wake up hungover, not drinking is our first thought. But the moment you think that you’ve already started expended willpower. Instead, make a plan for what you will do at the time you would normally start drinking. That’s the moment to change what you’re drinking, who you’re with and what you’re doing. All those things will help you get through this specific moment in your day.

And remember that cravings don’t last forever. Half an hour later, you will have moved on. Do whatever you need to do to get through that half-hour period. Change your routine in some way. Stick on your boots and your coat and go for a walk around the block. Come to the Club Soda community and start a conversation.

In the rest of the video, Dru and Laura also talk about:

  • the importance of making plans (8:17​)
  • how intentions aren’t enough (10:34​)
  • what to do if Dry January didn’t go to plan (13:05)
  • motivating yourself to change (15:02)
  • overcoming alcohol addiction (17:05)
  • alcohol and mental health (20:26)
  • wanting to moderate again (22:33)
  • overcoming boredom, distraction and mindfulness (30:30)
  • drinking alcohol-free drinks (37:05)

Your questions answered

Ask Dru Live is on the second Sunday of the month. Join us on Facebook or YouTube to get your questions answered about every aspect of changing your drinking.

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