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sunshine warm sober Catherine Gray

Sunshine Warm Sober: Catherine Gray on sustaining long-term change

Sunshine Warm Sober is the latest book from acclaimed author Catherine Gray. Catherine’s first book The Unexpected Joy Of Being Sober was a roaring success, and we know you’re going to love reading her new one.

Who is Catherine Gray?

Catherine Gray is an award-winning writer and editor. She has worked for magazines such as Cosmopolitan, GLAMOUR and Fabulous, for nearly a decade. Catherine loves writing about psychology, travel, social trends and fascinating people. Assignments have included interviewing the people behind-the-cameras on Planet Earth II, running a B&B for 24 hours, anonymously reviewing European hotels, and talking 35 men into posing naked for a testicular cancer charity. She’s a contributing editor at TLL magazine and has organised and interviewed covers such as Joe Wicks, Binky Felstead and Holly Willoughby. Her first book The Unexpected Joy of Being Sober was published in December 2017. It combines memoir details of how Catherine quit alcohol in 2013, along with listicles, illuminating interviews with top experts, and cultural comment.

What can I expect from Sunshine Warm Sober?

Catherine has been sober for over 7 years now. While her first book explores the early stages of change and the learning along the way, this one provides guidance on long-term change. Sunshine Warm Sober: Unexpected Joy That Lasts is all about what comes next. She notes that many people can manager shorter stints of sobriety, but that many find the longterm change the struggle. This book inspires hope for a brighter future, where alcohol isn’t centre stage. Catherine shares her own experiences and learnings, this is a refreshing and honest read. She encourages the reader to think beyond quitting drinking and look at the big stuff. What do we want life to look like? What boundaries do we need to set? If you are seeking longterm change and a life without alcohol, this book is a great tool to have in your kit.

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