The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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Three Spirit

Three Spirit: the plant alchemists creating social elixirs

Three Spirit have led the way when it comes to bringing functional drinking to the alcohol-free market. Their “plant-based social elixirs” have been designed by plant scientists and bartenders to bring an alternative way of drinking to the world.

“We wanted to create choice where there was none,” explains co-founder Tatiana Mercer. 

“It needed to have body, mouthfeel, and taste delicious. Both on its own, with simple mixers, and in more complex recipes.”

Three Spirit wanted to focus more on what they were putting in their drinks, rather than what was being taken out. They embraced a “Third Way”, filling the gap between drinking and non-drinking, by using functional ingredients.

“Function for us means going beyond aesthetic and flavours,” says Mercer.

“It means delivering on feelings, that ability to shift your state.”

“We focus on pleasure without the pain. Our drinks are there to help pick you up at the start of your evening. Or shift your mood and help you to unwind and chill at the end of the day.”

“Turn down the noise and tune in”

Three Spirit do this by using ingredients which have active compounds.

“We use compounds such as theobromine from Cacao, L-theanine from green tea, or ꞵ-myrcene from hops.”

“These are powerful, natural, therapeutic compounds that can have great positive effects on our mood and well being.”

“They can dial up the bliss, turn down the noise and allow you to tune in.”

“We use a mixture of adaptogenic plants and nootropics to create liquids that can suit different occasions.”

Enhancing without intoxicating

For Three Spirit, finding these ingredients was essential in creating non-alcoholic drinks that offered the same experiences as alcoholic ones.

“Let’s be honest, people don’t just drink alcohol for flavour, ” says co-founder and Head Alchemist, Dash Lilley.

“They drink because of the amazing social qualities. The ceremony and ritual, relaxation and lubrication. To ‘take the edge off’, or to start the party.”

“We try to deliver drinks that can address these needs rather than just trying to taste like a classic alcoholic spirit.”

“In terms of feelings, all of our drinks are designed to make you feel good in different ways. But rest assured, they have all been designed to enhance without intoxicating.”

“All of the ingredients that we put in our drinks have a long history of safe use by people across the world,” Lilley goes on to say.

“For example, many of the benefits of the Social Elixir come down to the mood boosting power of cacao and the relaxed, zen-like focus that green tea can bring. Naturally, fermented coconut nectar supports gut health in the background. A healthy gut helps with maintaining a healthy body and mind.”

“Among a few other wonderful plants included, passionfruit brings relaxation. As for Damiana – we’ll let you look that one up! We’re sure you won’t be disappointed.”

Time for a Nightcap

Three Spirit’s Nightcap is a particular favourite of Club Soda founder, Laura Willoughby.

“I really appreciate a drink that helps me to create a sense of occasion,” says Willoughby.

“During these long days at home, it’s Nightcap that has helped me to create a moment in the evening that’s mine.”

“On the rocks, in front of my fake fire, it has allowed me to be okay with uncertainty and ease my anxiety ready for a good night’s sleep.”

“The Nightcap is designed to be enjoyed during the wind-down,” explains Lilley.

“It contains an array of traditionally relaxing plants that have been used for centuries in much the same way. Valerian, hops and lemon balm have been used as a mellowing aid. Beyond these, ayurvedic adaptogens such as ashwagandha, black pepper and turmeric root gently decompress the mind.”

Three Spirit have created these drinks not to try and mimic traditional alcoholic options but instead to give mindful drinkers new and exciting options.

“A sober or sober curious journey is not for us to dictate,” emphasises Lilley. “We understand that our drinks will not be for everyone.”

“But rest assured, our drinks are not going to get anyone drunk, nor do they contain things that you cannot find in teas or natural supplements.”

Find the Three Spirit that suits you

The team at Three Spirit suggest starting with a little to find the drink that fits your mood and moment.

They’ve summarised their three drinks in a nutshell:

The Livener is a naturally invigorating and fiery elixir, powered by ethically sourced Amazonian guayusa and adaptogenic schisandra that offers a big hit of energy without the jitters. It’s the perfect pick me up and you should feel energised and ready for anything.

The Social Elixir is a herbal drink with a savoury bite. Combining lion’s mane mushrooms, yerba mate and damiana, you’ll feel your spirits soar and your social experience enhanced with every sip. 

Finally, Nightcap is a naturally soothing elixir that brings together the relaxing influence of valerian root, Hüll Melon hops and lemon balm as well as a plethora of adaptogenic plants. It’s the perfect accompaniment to your nighttime ritual as you wind down. And as for bed, we’ve been told by many that they’ve had their dreamiest slumber for years after.

You can buy Three Spirit in the UK from Wise Bartender and Amazon and the Three Spirit’s website.

This post is sponsored by Three Spirit. Find them on Facebook and Instagram.

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