The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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Club Soda Tasting Room Bar Menu


Old Old Fashioned

Passionfruit from miles away Caleno Light & Zesty, Wavelength Ruby, pineapple, chipotle, passion fruit

I Just Called To Say I Love Brew Three Spirit Social Elixir, Big Drop Galactic Milk Stout, Good Koffee Green Kacao, All The Bitter Aromatic, sea salt 

Where is the lave? Three Spirit Nightcap, Gimber no.1, cantaloupe melon, All the Bitter Lavender, Double Dutch Ginger Ale, orange and ginger foam, pickled ginger

Wouldn’t it be rice Myth Coconut,vanilla, coriander, black rice, Double Dutch Soda, seaweed

Old old fashioned Everleaf Forest,Wavelength Amber, Botivo, lapsang souchong, All the Bitter Orange

If you wanna be my clover Everleaf Mountain, Lyre’s Dry London Spirit, cherry, All the Bitter New Orleans, aquafaba

No sleep till Brooklyn Kahol Malt Abbey, moderato red, Nonsuch Apple & Cardamom Shrub, Feragaia, All the Bitter Aromatic, orange blossom water

Life on marzipan Sentia red, Lyre’s amaretti, cherry, Bemuse wild raspberry mead

Wake me up before you hugo-go Everleaf Marine, elderflower, sea salt, LA Brewery English Rose Kombucha


Everleaf Forest Spritz
Everleaf Forest, Double Dutch Premium Tonic (vg, gf, sulphites)

Everleaf Marine Spritz
Everleaf Marine, Double Dutch Premium Tonic (vg, gf, sulphites)

Everleaf Mountain Spritz
Everleaf Mountain, Double Dutch Premium Tonic (vg, gf, sulphites)

Crodino Spritz
Italian non-alcoholic Aperitivo (vg, gf)

Sparkling & Wine

Thomson & Scott Noughty AF Sparkling, Germany (vg, gf, halal)

French Bloom Le Rose, France (vg, halal)

REAL Dry Dragon Sparkling Tea, Aylesbury, England (vg, gf)

Three Spirit Blurred Vines Spark, London, England (vg, gf)


Moderato le blanc, France (vg, gf)

Zeno White, Spain (vg, gf)




Moderato Rosé, South Africa (vg)

Thomson & Scott Noughty Rosé, South Africa (vg, gf)


Moderato Le Rouge, France (vg, gf)

Zeno Red, Spain (vg, gf)

Beer & Mead

Lucky Saint Alcohol Free Lager, Bavaria, Germany (vg) draught

Big Drop Paradiso Citra IPA, Ipswich, England (vg) draught

Big Drop Reef Point Lager, Ipswich, England (gf, vg)

Big Drop Pine Trail Pale Ale, Suffolk, England (vg)

Big Drop Paradiso Citra IPA, Ipswich, England (gf)

Only With Love Juicy AF Pale Ale, Suffolk, England (gf)

Beavertown Lazer Crush IPA, London, England (2.8%, vg)

Brulo Lust For Life DDH IPA, Edinburgh, Scotland (vg)

Big Drop Galactic Milk Stout, Suffolk, England (vg)

Guinness 0.0%, Dublin, Ireland (vg)

Brulo 5 Fruit Gose, Edinburgh, Scotland (vg)

Maiden Mill Flyer Medium Cider, Somerset, England (vg, gf)

Maiden Mill Voyage Medium Cider, Somerset, England (vg, gf)

Bemuse Wild Raspberry Mead, England (gf)

Bemuse Ginger & Cardamon Mead, England (gf)

Craft Soda

Rebelicious Cream Soda with CBD (15mg)

Rebelicious Real Cola with CBD (15mg)

Hip Pop Passion Fruit CBD (20mg) Kombucha

Hip Pop Cherry CBD (20mg) Kombucha

Square Root Lemonade

Square Root Cola

Square Root Ginger Beer


Double Dutch Indian Tonic Water

Double Dutch Ginger Ale

Double Dutch Cucumber & Watermelon

Double Dutch Pink Grapefruit Soda

Double Dutch Margarita With Chilli Soda

Double Dutch Pomegranate & Basil

Double Dutch Double Lemon

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