We know that it’s not always easy to feel like you can make change. When you go into a pub, or a restaurant, and you see that same old, boring soft drinks selection, it can make you want to bash your head against the wall! Here at Club Soda, we want to empower you to feel like you can go and make things better. That’s why we’ve launched a set of resources for Soberhacking.

What is soberhacking? Soberhacking is the process of taking something in your life and making it more, well, sober. We want to make your local pubs and restaurants more enjoyable places to be – so it’s time to soberhack them!

There’s three key ways to soberhack your local:

1. Encourage them to sign up to the Club Soda Guide

The Club Soda Guide scores venues out of 5 based on how good their low and no alcohol drinks selection is. If you can get your local venue to sign up, they’ll soon realise they’re falling behind the trend, encouraging them to start doing better. Likewise, if your local is a great place to go when you’re choosing not to drink, we can help everyone else find out about it.

You can direct to sign up themselves by visiting, or you can tell us about what a great place they are through Make sure you remember what drinks they stock so we can list them.

Even better, tag them and us (@ClubSodaGuide) on social media so we can share it with everyone.

And for the duration of #SoberOctober, we’ll be counting every nomination we receive as an entry into our prize draw for a selection of low and no alcohol drinks – so you can enjoy a great drinking experience at home as well as out and about. 

2. Talk to them about their offer

Lots of venues often think that there isn’t the demand to justify stocking more low and no alcohol options – but we know that’s not the case. We’ll be sharing advice across our Club Soda Guide social media channels about how you can talk to venues about all the low and no alcohol drinks out there, and how much you wish you were drinking the

3. Let them know if they’re not doing enough

We’ve created a set of resources to help you communicate with a venue if you think it’s not quite up to scratch when it comes to low and no alcohol drinks. You can find an email template here to send to any venue that you found disappointing to encourage them to do better.

We’ve also designed two nudge cards which you can leave at venues, if you would prefer to communicate anonymously. One of the cards is positive – it congratulates the venue for being a great place for mindful drinkers, letting them know they’re on the right track and what they’re doing is appreciated. The other is encouraging, reminding a venue which might be slipping behind that more and more people want low and no alcohol drinks. 

You can order a pack of these cards from our online shop – and we’ve kept the price as low as we can – you can name your own price and pay for the postage. Click here to get soberhacking.

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