At FLUÈRE we believe in the moment. Being in the moment, flowing in the moment, feeling relaxed and ready for anything. Enjoying yourself, undistracted, comfortable in your own skin.

We also believe that the last reason you want to be brought out of your flow is the sip of a bad drink. A beautiful drink is a good place to start with settling into your experience, whatever you’re doing.

We want to help elevate experiences, whether at a spa or a party, or sitting at home relaxing.

You should always be able to drink well, especially without alcohol. That’s why we created FLUÈRE.

We put a lot of care into selecting not just the ingredients for FLUÈRE but also into making it. The botanicals we use are inspired by herbs used to keep the Roman legions fit centuries ago. The primary process we use to create FLUÈRE is hydrosteam distillation. Botanicals are placed in a chamber and pressurised steam is run through. This lifts flavour compounds and essential oils from the botanicals gently and allows for maximum extraction & quality. This is not the cheapest way but it is the best way.  For FLUÈRE each botanical is distilled separately and then blended by master blenders at a distillery in the Netherlands which has been running for generations.


Fluère Tasting Notes

FLUÈRE Original

FLUÈRE Original bursts with carefully selected botanicals that give a complex yet balanced taste and ensure a unique, fresh after-bite. Coriander Seed and Lime Peel give a bright and zesty character to the nose whilst the Lavender and Juniper add herbal & floral notes.

FLUÈRE Original is fantastic with premium light tonic and some ice, and a slice of citrus for colour or sprigs of lavender for aroma.

FLUÈRE Raspberry

FLUÈRE Raspberry has Juniper, Lime Peel, Coriander Seed & Lavender as it’s base but it is the addition of Fresh Raspberries that make it special. With floral, piney notes from the Juniper and a zing of citrus from Lime peel what really binds it together is the lovely sweetness of the Fresh Raspberry making it sweet, fresh and smooth.

FLUÈRE Raspberry is perfect for hot summer evenings, elegant dinner parties (and everything in between really). We love it with ginger beer and lime over ice in a high ball or in a champagne flute with some kombucha. The pink makes it always enticing.

FLUÈRE Spiced Cane

FLUÈRE Spiced Cane has lovely notes of chocolate and coffee on the nose and a sweet, complex, earthy palate. The richness of the sugar cane mixes with hints of tonka bean and spice to create a truly luxurious liquid.

FLUÈRE Spiced cane is perfect with Cola and ice or even add some bitters, orange peel & maple syrup to make an old-fashioned.

FLUÈRE Smoked Agave

FLUÈRE Smoked Agave has smoke and honey on the nose initially. On closer inspection there are fresh notes of pear and pear syrup underneath. On the front of the palette you have the characteristic vegetal sweetness of agave with some bitter overtones and a hint of black pepper. These flavours develop into eucalyptus and mint for a beautiful, long finish.

FLUÈRE Smoked Agave is distilled from real Agave, and we are proud of it. We add smoked hickory wood to give that smoky, earthy richness that goes with it. Mix it with some Cola for a treat or grapefruit juice and soda for a fresh zinger.

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Let the Love Flow

50 ml FLUÈRE Raspberry
25 ml quality apple juice
15 ml fresh lime juice
2 teaspoons strawberry jam
85 ml soda water

Shake everything except the soda water hard over ice. Strain into a wine glass, there should be a bit of foam, and add ice. Top with soda water, stir gently, and garnish with half a strawberry on the rim.


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