About Lucky Saint 0.5% Lager

Lucky Saint is a 0.5% Superior Unfiltered Lager.

Moderation isn’t the dirty word it once was. We’ve woken up from the hangover with a clear head and big ambitions. To specialise where others don’t, To innovate where others aren’t. To finally reward those who aren’t drinking with the beer they deserve.

Great beer is born of great ingredients. That’s why Lucky Saint is made with the highest quality malted barley, the freshest hops and our own single-use yeast. No additives, no adjuncts, no flavourings.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise that if your beer is 95% water, you make sure you choose the right water. We trialed multiple waters with different chemical make-ups but it was the fresh, crisp spring water from Bavaria that consistently delivered the cleanest flavour.

Lucky Saint doesn’t taste like an alcohol-free beer because it’s not brewed like one. We left no stone unturned looking for a unique way to brew better. From our step mash technique and wort run-off to fermentation and dry hopping, we honed the process for each of our beers in pursuit of one thing – flavour.

No matter how precise your brewing process, there’s always an unpredictability to how the beer will turn out. That’s the magic of it all. But after enough trial and error, there’s a moment where the recipe clicks. Is that luck? It may be, but we like to think we make our own.

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