About Three Spirit

Designed by plant scientists and bartenders, Three Spirit is the functional and healthier booze alternative.

The Livener is a naturally invigorating and fiery elixir, powered by ethically sourced Amazonian guayusa and adaptogenic schisandra that offers a big hit of energy without the jitters. It’s the perfect pick me up and you should feel energised and ready for anything.

The Social Elixir is a herbal drink with a savoury bite. Combining lion’s mane mushrooms, yerba mate and damiana, you’ll feel your spirits soar and your social experience enhanced with every sip. 

Finally, Nightcap is a naturally soothing elixir that brings together the relaxing influence of valerian root, Hüll Melon hops and lemon balm as well as a plethora of adaptogenic plants. It’s the perfect accompaniment to your nighttime ritual as you wind down. And as for bed, we’ve been told by many that they’ve had their dreamiest slumber for years after.


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