William Porter explains what he has learned about alcohol

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This week’s webinar guest is William Porter, author of the book “Alcohol Explained” which has long been popular with Club Soda members. On the webinar William shares what he learned about alcohol and its effects when he gave up drinking, and also answers some Club Soda members’ questions.

William will be explaining the science behind alcohol withdrawal and explaining how the human brain’s physiological reaction to regular alcohol consumption creates the alcohol withdrawal process.

He will be looking at how alcohol withdrawal links into the concept of tolerance, how it leads to sleep disruption, emotional instability and depression. He will also be providing some practical tips on how to identify and measure the severity of withdrawal.

He will also be considering how widespread alcohol withdrawal is, whether it only affects those suffering from the most extreme cases of alcohol dependency, or whether it is in far more widespread than that.

Please note that Club Soda is not intended to provide medical advice. We are not qualified for that. If you are at all concerned about your alcohol use and its impact on your mental or physical health, or any other aspect of your health, please contact your GP or another qualified health professional. If you are concerned about talking to your doctor, you may find this blog useful.


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