Making the most of the Club Soda community

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If you want to cut down or stop drinking, there’s a place for you in the Club Soda community.

We have a big Facebook group, Club Soda Together, that brings together people at every stage of changing their drinking. And if you sign up to any of our courses, you are invited to smaller groups on Facebook and elsewhere so you can get the support you need.

Unlike many other online support communities that focus on alcohol, Club Soda doesn’t believe that sobriety is the only answer. Moderation can work too. What’s most important is to discover what works for you. But that creates challenges in a community where some people are going alcohol-free and some are still drinking. How can we support each other, when we disagree about the right thing to do?

In this live video, Club Soda co-founder Dru Jaeger talks about how the make the most of the community and resources Club Soda has to offer, as well as offering some practical tips on getting the best out of our groups on Facebook.

How to make the most of the Club Soda community

In this video, Dru talks about

Dru also discusses some practicalities about being in Club Soda’s group on Facebook

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