How to Drink Mindfully 1.0

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How to Drink Mindfully

Whether you want to cut down your drinking, change your attitude towards your drinking, or go alcohol-free, How to Drink Mindfully will help you change your drinking, your way and at your pace.

How to Drink Mindfully is the best of everything that Club Soda knows about how to change your drinking. It’s an in-depth course packed with the information, tools, advice, and support that you need to help you change your drinking, your way.

Get the latest insights with How to Drink Mindfully 2.0

This was Club Soda’s flagship course and is created to suit anyone who feels that they want to change their drinking. Over the years, we’ve been mindful to keep our courses up-to-date, and so this course has been fully updated and revised for 2021. It’s still packed with everything you need to know to change your drinking for good, whether that’s drinking more mindfully, cutting down your drinking, or giving up altogether with a move to being alcohol-free; our new course is now even better than ever.

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