The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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How to create a great low & alcohol-free offering

Customers have come to expect choice, and low and no alcohol drinks are no different. If a group is planning a night out, and some of them are not drinking, having an interesting low and no offering could be a deal-breaker. The KAM No And Low Report 2023, showed that nearly half (42%) of customers look at a venue’s menu in advance to decide whether to visit or not.

Reviewing your alcohol-free range:

  • Match the quality of your alcoholic drinks with a well-thought-out range of alcohol-free drinks and cocktails.
  • Check what your wholesaler or pub co has on offer, and if you need something else, let them know. Or work directly
    with an alcohol-free brand to test what works, and then you can ask your regular wholesaler or pub co to stock your customer’s favourites.
  • Pick a range of beers, not just one; customers have different preferences regarding beer styles. Can you accommodate an alcohol-free beer on draught?
  • Stock a high-quality lower-sugar craft soft drink in your fridge as well. Not everyone wants an alcohol-free version
    of an alcoholic drink, but they still care about quality and sugar content.
AF Cocktails

If you have a range of alcoholic drinks that suit all occasions; it should be the same for your alcohol-free range too. If you sell a full-strength lager, IPA and stout, it is easy to replicate those with low or alcohol-free versions. If you have an excellent wine list to go with your menu, what alcohol-free options can you source that will go well with food?

Pride yourself on excellent cocktails? Can you lavish the same care and attention on your low or alcohol-free versions? A wide variety of drinks are available in many formats, including ready-to-drink cocktails.

AF Beer on draught

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Drinkaware is the leading alcohol education charity which aims to reduce alcohol-related harm in the UK by helping people make better choices about their drinking.

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