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Alcohol-free aperitivo

Alcohol-free aperitivo journey

If you’re a fan of the complex bittersweet flavour an Aperol Spritz, then you might want to find an alcohol-free aperitivo to take it’s place when you’re not drinking. These spirits are all rich in flavour, and designed for slow enjoyment. These drinks fit many occasions, but are traditionally enjoyed before a meal, perhaps with some nibbles. Here are some of the wonderful alternatives that we offer in our Alcohol-Free Off License, which is open until March 27th 2022. Do come and visit us before then, where all of these and more will be available to try before you buy.

Anon Bittersweet

Anon Bittersweet is a multi-award winning alcohol-free aperitivo designed for spritzing, mixing, and negroni making. This blend of natural flavours and botanicals includes wormwood, vermouth, orange, gentian, and quassia extracts. Expect a complex flavour profile of orange, bright citrussy character, and herbs. Enjoy this over ice in a large wine glass with soda water, alcohol-free prosecco, or tonic, with a wedge of orange. Find it on Amazon.

Highball Italian Spritz

Highball are husband and wife team Red and Kate Johnson. They were seeking alcohol-free alternatives to their favourite cocktails that were delicious, convenient, and suitable for both social occasions and drinking at home. Aperol Spritz has been an Italian cocktail favourite in the bars of Venice for over 200 years. The Highball hand-crafted Highball Spritz with Italian bitters and orange delivers the perfect bittersweet balance of the original with sophistication and style. Order from Wise Bartender or Amazon.


This delicious canned Spritz is made from natural ingredients such as gentian root, orange, lemon, tangerine, cinnamon and quassia root. Ish carefully distill, steam and extract the flavours to re-create the familiar flavour of the popular Italian Spritz. To add a slight punch we know from alcohol, they extract the heat from the shells of chilli seeds. Drink chilled from the can, or serve over ice with, you guess it, a big wedge of orange! Available from Wise Bartender.

Lyre’s Italian Spritz

This alcohol-free aperitivo from Lyre’s is a classic, bright with flavours typical of its origins. The sweetness from orange is perfectly fused with the complex and astringent flavours of rhubarb, finishing dry and deliciously refreshing. Serve with soda or tonic water and citrus slices for the perfect aperitif. For the most iconic serve however, add to your favourite prosecco to make a delicious low or no-alcohol Lyre’s Amalfi Spritz, a spin on the classic Venetian Spritz. Order from Wise Bartender or Amazon.


Crodino is an alcohol-free Italian aperitivo with a real depth of flavour, it’s been a beloved sip of Italian lifestyle since the ‘60s. Crodino is made with an infusion of spices, woods, roots and top quality herbs, resulting in a comple taste. Crodino mix all the botanicals and leave the extract to stand for up to six months. You can find it from Wise Bartender and Amazon, look out for it in Italian restaurants too.

Lyre’s Italian Orange

This unique spirit has been created to capture the essence of a bitter orange aperitif, with a bouquet of citrus, blood orange, and classic notes of orange pith to create complexity. The palate is a rich mouthful of flavours with blood orange and red citrus taking the lead. Order from Wise Bartender or Amazon.

Square Root Negroni Spritz

Square Root made this sophisticated, fizzy, totally alcohol-free take on the iconic ruby red aperitif, with complex sharp and fruity flavour fit to impress. Made using fresh fruit, gently infused spices, their magical steam distillate and absolutely no artificial additives. Serve it with a slice of fragrant orange rind and let the aromatic bitterness wash over you before a good meal. Find it on Wise Bartender or Amazon.

High Point Ruby

Dive nose-first into this alcohol-free aperitivo made using hibiscus, lavender, wormwood, pink peppercorn, orange zest, Pink grapefruit zest. This boasts herbal aroma, followed by a cool wave of zest and spice, before kicking back with lasting bittersweet citrus. Created for fine food, great company and moments that matter. Mix over ice with a slice of pink grapefruit. Available from Amazon.

Nine Elms

NINE ELMS No.18 is an award winning ruby velven – a new type of sophisticated non-alcoholic aperitivo, designed to complement good food. It is made from an intricate blend of natural berry juices aromatised with 20 botanicals. Expect mouth-watering, herbaceous, warmly-spiced red and black fruit, gentle acidity, soft tannins. This is complex and well balanced. Grab yours from Wise Bartender or Amazon.

Aegean Sky

Inspired by adventures in pursuit of golden horizons, Aegean Sky has been carefully distilled and crafted using six core botanical distillates and extracts and a further six natural flavours, all of which have been handpicked to showcase the vibrant Mediterranean coastlines of the Aegean Sea. This has a flavour profile reminiscent of the region’s finest citrus and olive groves. You can find it on Wise Bartender and Amazon.

Everleaf Forest

Everleaf founder Paul  is a conservation biologist and bartender with a long family connection to botany and the environment. Botanicals in this infusion include vanilla and saffron for richness, gentian and iris for wild bitterness and earthy warmth, as well as vetiver and orange blossom for freshness and vibrancy. This is a bright alcohol-free aperitivo that’s full of natural complexity, perfect for a spritz. Mix it over ice with one part Everleaf and three parts light tonic with a slice of orange. Order from Wise Bartender or Amazon, and you may also be able to find it in your local M&S.

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