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10 alcohol-free drinks you can pop like Champagne

10 non-alcoholic champagne alternatives that you can pop like Champagne

There’s nothing quite like Christmas fizz, and now you can stock up with non-alcoholic champagne alternatives which are healthy and just as complex and flavourful. We list 10 delicious alcohol-free sparkling wines will look gorgeous in your glass, are deliciously sippable, and are guaranteed to take you from day to night with a clear head. They’ll provide all of the celebration experience whilst making sure you miss out on none of the fun!

RJ Blanc de Blancs Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wine

This is a brand new bubbly developed by expert Richard Juhlin, who holds the world record for tasting more than 8,500 champagnes (and believes this one is just as good). It has a fruity, youthful taste with flavours of green fruits and citrus You can buy it here for £14.99 from Drydrinker, using the code CLUBSODAVIP for a 5% discount at checkout. Or, if you’re not sure what to choose, try one of their brand new Bubble Taster Packs for a selection of three of their top choices of non-alcoholic champagne.

Morouj Sparkling Alcohol-Free Rosé

Another brand new, divine rosé bubbly by Drydrinker, which you can buy here. You’ll taste berries from the Tempranillo grape in this semi-sweet sparkler. Think cherry, strawberry and mulberry. Don’t forget to use the code CLUBSODAVIP for a 5% discount at checkout!  

Scavi and Ray Alcohol-Free Prosecco

For when you want more than fizzy water when everyone else is drinking champagne. It’s a light, refreshing and authentic alternative, and certainly isn’t ‘too sweet’. Great as an aperitif. You can get it from Drydrinker here.

The Bees Knees Alcohol-Free Sparkling Wine

A finely balanced combination of fermented sparkling grape juice and premium green tea infusion, producing a delightfully refreshing drink, with a generous head of bubbles. There is also a rosé equivalent for a fruitier bubbly experience. You can get it from Drydrinker here, Ocado or Morrisons.

Sparkling Vintense Fine Bubbles

Balanced, delicate and refreshing, it is a perfect non-alcoholic champagne dinner party accompaniment. It has a fresh and supple taste, with peach, lemon and muscat on the finish. You can get it from Drydrinker here.

Elkington’s Sparkling ‘Gin’ Rhubarb

Elkington’s ‘Gin’ Rhubarb Alcohol-Free is a fantastic new sparkling drink to enjoy this festive season, and beyond. It is a cloudy fizz that cleverly combines distilled gin botanicals with the refreshing sour tang of rhubarb. You can get it from Drydrinker here.

Eisberg Sparkling Blanc

This fresh and light alcohol-free Sparkling is crisp and elegant with flavours of citrus and peach. Perfect for a weekend treat or any celebration. It is also available in a rosé. You can get it from Ocado, and bigger Tesco stores.

Echo Falls Sparkling Infusion

A sophisticated alternative to traditional sparkling wine, Echo Falls’ Sparkling Tisane is a finely balanced combination of sparkling grape juice and premium green tea infusion. This elegant and refreshing medium-dry sparkling has crisp fruit flavours and long-lasting fine bubbles. Best served very chilled, in a champagne flute! You can get it from Ocado or Amazon.

Rawson’s Retreat Sparkling

Sourced from carefully selected fruit parcels, this alcohol-free Chardonnay Pinot Noir Muscat is fresh and vibrant. Enjoy either as an aperitif or as an accompaniment to seafood or chicken dishes. Fresh, vibrant and full of flavours. Available in Tesco.

Carl Jung Sparkling White Wine

An excellent off-dry sparkling wine suitable for toasting and excellent with food. Superb flavour with long-lasting fine non-alcoholic champagne-like bubbles, very refreshing. Suitable for all tastes and occasions. You can order it from the Alcohol-free Shop.

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