The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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Alcohol-free drinks for the mindful drinker

If you’ve spent January exploring alcohol-free drinks and abstinence, you might be thinking about how to be a mindful drinker in future. This looks different for everyone, you might be choosing to stop drinking all together, or maybe you just want to drink a little less. Our February Discovery Box might be the perfect way to discover some delicious alcohol-free drinks to help you ease the pace this month. For just £24.99 you’ll receive the drinks below, which would usually retail at over £39.00. Order yours here.

Club Soda is here to help you make change in whatever way works best for you, and our courses are designed to help you along the way. If this January was your first step in changing your drinking and you’re not sure what to do next, then our courses could provide a helping hand in the next stage on your journey to becomming a mindful drinker.

PURA Soda Cucumber and Lime

PURA Soda believe in keeping things as natural as possible. Their sodas are low in calories, and don’t contain and artificial flavours or colourants. Their Cucumber & Lime soda is made using General Lee cucumbers from Florida and Mexican and Peruvian limes. These are distilled and cold pressed, resulting in a soda that is super crisp and refreshing. Drink this on it’s own, or use it build long cocktails. This would be a great mixer with some alcohol-free bontanical spirits. You can order this from their website.

Athletic Brewing All Out Stout

Athletic Brewing Co came to be when founder Bill decided that alcohol no longer had a place in his life. They brew a range of beer styles, and this All Out Stout is a banger. It was inspired by days on the slopes and cosy evenings by the fire. It’s a smooth, velvety pour with lots of toasty character, and notes of coffee and chocolate. This will pair well with hearty dinners or chocolatey desserts. Order direct from their store, or from our friends at Wise Bartender.

Wild Beer Co Grapefruit IPA Soda

Wild Beer Co are known for their funky fermentations, they’ve been brewing full-strength beers since 2012, and started making their sodas a couple of years ago. To make this soda they have blended a very small amount of Pale Ale with grapefruit and grape juices and added extra hops, too. The resulting soda is bright and citrussy with a hint of sweet grapefruit and a touch of bitterness on the finish. You can order this from their website, or from Wise Bartender.

Brunswick Aces Hearts

This botanical spirit is a warming blend of cassia bark and ginger, balanced with pleasant citrus sweetness. This is quite a versatile spirit, and lends itself to mixing with a number of fruit-driven drinks, particularly bold citrus flavours. We’re including a delicious tonic from Twelve Below for you to enjoy with this. You can order direct from them, or of course from Wise Bartender.

Pistonhead Kustom Lager

Pistonhead brew a variety of full-strenth and non-alcoholic beers. They brew their Kustom Lager to 4.6%, and also to 0.0%. This lager is brewed using Munchener malt and pilsner malt, resulting in a malt forward beer with notes of fruit loaf. A whack of bitterness brings balance to the brew, it’s intense and has a lasting finish. Find it on the Wisebartender website.

Crafty Nectar x Wise Bartender Cider

This collaborative cider is a low-alcohol cider with the all the taste of a full-blooded cider. Produced in the heart of Somerset this premium cider has a fantastic taste and sensational mouth feel. Fresh pressed cider is blended with juicy west country apple juice, to produce a medium sweet zingy cider with no compromise on taste. It’s bursting with all the funky flavour you would expect from a traditional cider. You can order it from Wisebartender, the perfect place to shop if you’re a mindful drinker.

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