The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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alcohol free drinks subscription boxes

Alcohol-free drinks subscription boxes

If you’re keen to discover new alcohol-free drinks, or to have a regular drop of your favourites, subscription boxes may be the perfect option for you. We list a number of them here, starting with our very own discovery and alcohol-free wine club boxes.

Wise Bartender subscription boxes

Our good friends over at Wise Bartender have several subscription options. There are beer packs, wine packs, cider packs, and a discovery box which includes all kinds of alcohol-free drinks. You can find out more about all of Wise Bartender’s subscription boxes here.

Better Rhodes

In the United States, you can choose from a variety of subscription boxes from Better Rhodes. Their three monthly boxes contain wines, cocktails, or beers. A great way to discover new favourites – and with free delivery too.

Sober Sauce

Sober Sauce specialise in alcohol-free beer and offer a variety of subscription boxes. If you’re looking to discover different beer styles or the latest releases, try their Discovery Box, or their Latest Beer boxes. If you want to work your way through a broad selection, you can sign up to their Tasting Programme, a prepaid 3 month option. You’ll receive 12 beers per month for 3 months, and work your way through a variety of beer styles. They’ve been kind enough to offer us a special discount for Club Soda members, CLUBSODA25 will give you 25% off your first box (new customers only).

If you are looking for some guidance with changing your drinking, why not check out our courses? You can start with a free course, or check out our longer courses. Club Soda has loads of resources to help you on your journey, whether you want to stop, take a break, or cut down.

AF Beer Club

AF Beer Club was set up by beer lover Robin Lomax, and is powered by Wise Bartender. Enjoy eight incredible alcohol-free craft beers delivered to your door monthly. Each month Robin tracks down beers from all over the world and curates these special subscription boxes. Some will be so exclusive that they won’t even be available to purchase in the UK, including as single items on They’ve also thoughtfully included a vegan option.

Dry Drinker

Dry Drinker sell a variety of alcohol-free drinks, from spirits and wines to sodas, kombuchas, and beers. Their subscription box contains 8 varying alcohol-free beers, and you even get an exclusive Dry Drinker glass with your first box. They choose a different theme each month, so you’ll always be able to discover new things and learn about the fascinating world of alcohol-free beer. They also offer you 10% off your first order.

Light Drinks

Another beer subscription box, this time containing 12 different beers. Light Drinks also stock a variety of alcohol-free wines, spirits and soft drinks. They offer 10% off your first order, and each of the monthly subscription boxes is chosen by their knowledgable team.


JOMO Club is a UK alcohol-free subscription box. Every monthly box has a full bottle of an alcohol-free spirit, premium mixers and garnishes to serve them, as well as cocktail of the month, ingredient card, a printed members magazine, and even some snacks to go with the drinks. Find out more here.

The Alcohol-Free Co

The Alcohol-Free Co have some great options for wine and spirit lovers, as well as af beer fans. We love their ‘bottle a month’ wine option, which is perfect if you’re looking for an affordable way to discover new wines. Check out their website for some great alcohol-free cocktail recipes, too.

Left Field Kombucha

Left Field Kombucha offer a 5% discount when you subscribe. The offer is flexible, you can receive your pooch fix as often as weekly, and as infrequently as every eight weeks. Why not sign up to their mailing list for a special discount on their taster pack, so you can decide which flavours are your favourites.

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