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Alcohol-free whisky journey

Alcohol-free whisky journeys

With an uptake in low and no alcohol drinks, it’s not just beer and wine that’s seeing a surge in popularity. Alcohol-free whisky is big business. We’ve been selling a fair few bottles by some fantastic brands in our alcohol-free off-licence over the last few months.

Brands have been venturing into the world of alcohol-free spirits for some time now. The market is firmly split into two segments. One is the alcohol-free alternative segment, looking to bring you a taste experience that reminds you of your favourite spirits but without the hangover. The other is a totally unique taste palette that uses complex flavours that resemble the smoky, woody, malty flavours that we associate with this sophisticated spirit.

If you’re looking for an alcohol-free whisky but you’re not sure where to start, here’s a journey through some of the best tasting alternatives what we offer at the shop. And don’t forget, you have until the end of March 2022 to come to 59 Great Portland Street and try some samples before taking home your favourites!

Let’s start our alcohol-free whisky with…

Lyre’s American Malt

Lyre’s American Malt is based on a traditional bourbon with flavours of vanilla and toasted oats. These lead to a mellow, spiced finish. Enjoy with your favourite mixers such as cola. Alternatively, enjoy on the rocks for a mellow, satisfying flavour which remains well after finishing. This homage to a timeless classic is the closest to an alcoholic whisky available in the low and no market at present.

Celtic Soul

Reminiscent of aged spirits, a tumbler of Celtic Soul should be the next serve on your alcohol-free whisky journey. This decadent drink provides bold flavours of sweet vanilla, spices, and oak cask wood. It is the perfect post-dinner dram for fans of a peaty dark spirit.

Highball Ginger Dram

The husband-and-wife team at Highball Cocktails began serving up ready-made no-alcohol alternatives to their favourite cocktails for each other. They couldn’t miss out on the classic mix of malt and ginger. The spice and orange notes compliment the piercing ginger and mellow malt flavours and is best served in a tall glass over ice. Conveniently bottled for an easy to experience, sophisticated drink experience.


The Scots have even joined the alcohol-free revolution with Feragaia, which translates to “Wild Earth”. This alcohol-free whisky certainly is a botanical burst of flavour. Lemon verbena brings the tang from the land. Sugar kelp seaweed lends the breadth of flavour from the sea. Botanicals like pink peppercorn add the spicy punch that we expect from a dark, distilled drink.


Gnista is the Swedish word for “spark” and this company’s alcohol-free whisky offering is certainly exciting. The Barreled Oak is a fantastic alternative to a good bourbon and holds its own against full-strength spirits. Perfect in cocktails or serve it neat for a fiery fireside nightcap.

High Point Amber

High Point Amber digestif is the perfect post-dinner serve for you or guests at your dinner table. Made from a mixture of spring water and fermented tea leaves and infused with Cornish botanicals to create a sweet, smoky rolling mouthfeel. This alcohol-free whisky alternative is a moreish mouthful that you can enjoy all evening without the headache the next day.

Three Spirits Nightcap

Three Spirit drinks are designed to aid in natural relaxation, using plants that have been used to stimulate mind, palate, and body for centuries. Nightcap is no exception. It’s created to be enjoyed during the post-event wind-down and includes functional ingredients. Nightcap in particular uses adaptogens such as ashwagandha, black pepper and turmeric root gently decompress the mind. This drink sits firmly in the mindful camp, not trying to mimic whisky, but still our founder Laura’s favourite night-time tipple.

And last but not at all least…


This fantastic all-rounder is perfect for those who like the punch and fire of spirits but without the alcohol. Gimber brings the heat with Peruvian ginger, lemons, and herbs, which tingle the back of the throat and trick the tastebuds with its spirit-like fiery mouthfeel. Gimber is a great whisky alternative in cocktails and is particularly good in an alcohol-free hot toddy.

And there you have it! Remember that you have until the end of March to come and experience your very own alcohol-free whisky journey with our drinks experts in our off-licence. You can find most of the drinks listed in our journey articles via Wise Bartender if you’re in the UK, and some here for our community across the waves.

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