The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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Authentic Relating

Authentic Relating with Drew Lawson, Chris Gray & Dr. Margo Greenwood

Often, when we turn to alcohol, it is because we’re missing a connection; to ourselves, to others, to meaningful communication, and to freedom of self-expression. In this podcast, we hear Drew, Chris, and Dr. Margo, all course leaders in the ART of Recovery, discussing the transformative authentic relating training and the impact it had on their, and others’, problem drinking.

What is Authentic Relating?

The opposite of addiction is connection, and the practice of Authentic Relating aims to re-connect you to yourself – your goals, dreams, and truths – as well as with others and the world around you. Coaches like Drew, Chris, and Margo teach us the skills and tools to come back to our true connection. By using Authentic Relating as a tool for seeking freedom from addiction to substances and compulsive behaviors, we can learn to be with ourselves in any situation. For example, Margo feels she can now be in a drinking situation without being overwhelmed:

If I’m in a pub, right in the middle of the pub, and it’s busy, okay, I can breathe.

Dr Margo Greenwood

How can you learn more about Authentic Relating?

Drew, Chris, and Margo are all coaches and course leaders for ART International, the largest body of Authentic Relation Training in the world. The organisation offers a fantastic course for those who want help with addiction, called The ART of Recovery. The course begins on the 12th August 2021, 5 pm BST, and is run in 3 sessions over 3 weeks. You can learn more about The ART of Recovery course details on offer from ART International here.

What I love about authentic relating is that it creates a structure and practice that helped me orient to myself and others. So I can feel that connection, which is what I was trying to feel through alcohol, and ultimately never got.

Chris Gray

The Art of Recovery Course Leaders

Drew Lawson
Drew has worked and played in the fields of spirituality, ecology, and well-being all of his life. His journey with alcohol has also been lifelong, and through his work in 12 steps and using the tools of Authentic Relating and embodiment practices he is now happily & gratefully sober, one breath at a time.

Chris Gray
Chris is an Authentic Relator and course leader of The ART of Being Human who’s been sober for quite a while now. With a strong background in Educational Technology, Chris does extensive work supporting people struggling with alcoholism, substance abuse, and codependency using transformative Authentic Relating coaching skills.

Dr Margo Greenwood
Margo is a health researcher, medicine guide, and authentic relating facilitator, living in Kent. She has a member of her family with alcohol addiction and, through her work, has experience with recovery and healing.

If you’re interested in further personal development when it comes to changing your drinking, why not take a look at our new How to Journal course, which is a standalone course that complements many other courses on offer.

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