The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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Dealing with uncertainty, meditation, drinking & coping with kids! Podcast Episode 6

This month’s podcast comes early, so we can give you top tips for dealing with uncertainty during the current “lockdown” situation. We hear from Niraj from Mind: Unlocked about how mindfulness meditation can help with dealing with uncertainty. Harriet Waley-Cohen shares advice on coping with kids. Laura gives you permission to wallow. And Dru shares more about our NEW mindful drinking online courses that will help you get through the next month. Plus some drinks to test out in front of your favourite boxset; Drynks, Wild Life Botanicals and Senser Spirits.

You can listen to the podcast using the player below, of find it at Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

How mindfulness can help dealing with uncertainty
Niraj from Mind: Unlocked

How meditation supports mindful drinking

We bring you the first of three interviews with Niraj Shah from Mind: Unlocked. He talks about mindfulness meditation, his own drinking, and our relationship with technology. Niraj’s approach to meditation is “no crystals, no mumbo jumbo”. He takes a science-led, practical approach to the benefits of a daily meditation practice. This has helped him become a more mindful drinker. Mind: Unlocked is one of London’s leading meditation & mental well-being movements. Niraj is also European Co-Chair for Silicon Valley’s Transformative Technology Community. It’s the largest global collective of entrepreneurs and innovators working on technologies to raise mental health and emotional well-being.

Our new online courses

Club Soda's two new mindful drinking courses
Mindful Drinking & Mindful Drinking Alcohol-Free

Club Soda Co-Founder Dru talks about our two new online courses and how they can help you change your drinking habits. A good challenge if you find yourself at home right now and drinking more than you are happy with. Each course is packed with content, plus tools built with the learning from our research project funded by The Wellcome Trust, including:

  • 31 days of thought-provoking and in-depth online learning, daily email prompts, personal reflections and practical exercises to build your skills and confidence to change your drinking
  • Exclusive bonus videos and downloadable booklets packed with practical advice
  • An online mindful drinking diary
  • A weekly self-guided check-in for you to review your intentions
  • Challenges to practice your mindful drinking skills in the real world and the chance to share your experiences with others
  • Connection with other mindful drinkers and members of the Club Soda team
  • Regular group video chats where you can share your progress.
Club Soda Expert Harriet Waley-Cohen shares tips for being at home with your kids
Harriet Waley-Cohen

At home with the kids?

Over 15 years sober, coach Harriet Waley-Cohen takes you through her tips for being at home with your kids. She already has two weeks of self-isolation with her children under her belt!

Drinks to try at home

Laura and Camille cocktails

Last month, at the Hotel, Restaurant, and Catering Show, Laura caught up with three new drinks on the scene. Hear the stories behind Drynks (who you may have seen on Dragons’ Den recently), Senser Spirits, and Cornwall’s own Wild Life Botanicals. All of which you can order to drink at home!

Note: Drynks, Wild Life and Senser Spirits are Club Soda drinks brand members. They have paid a fee to join as a member, but have no control over the content we write about them.

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