The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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Eat, Drink, Laugh, Dance, Repeat.

It’s not unusual, in the early days of changing our drinking, to worry that we won’t be able to do the things that we enjoyed before if we don’t drink. For most of us, socialising is so intertwined with drinking that we can’t see how our social situations – parties, weddings, Saturday nights, friendship groups – will be ok without alcohol playing such a prominent part. It’s true that a lot of things change when we cut down or quit booze, but it doesn’t mean that we can’t still eat, drink, laugh, dance, and repeat, all the things we social beings love to do.

This podcast conversation was recorded during last year’s Global Mindful Drinking Festival which was held online due to the pandemic. It features experts in the field of food and drink, mindfulness, movement, sober raving, and much more about how you approach life with less alcohol in it. It’s possible to still have a great time without alcohol – our expert panel has some tips on how to navigate potentially boozy situations without having to think about having a drink.

Who are our expert panellists?

Alex Norwood Hill is also known widely on social media as the world’s first Sober Somellier. An ex-Michelin Star mixologist and self-proclaimed bon viveur, Alex is also the founder of Cordus drinks and drinks critic for the low and no alcohol market.

People say to me, ‘What’s the best? What’s the correct and the most perfect drink to have with food? What do I do?’ It’s like whatever drink you like and tastes good and can stand up to the food, that is the best drink that you can have with food. It’s not about oh, it’s got to be x. It’s got to be about exploring and enjoying the experience of looking at these things.

Alex Norwood Hill

Amber Tozer is an American stand up comedian, comedy writer, and producer. Amber is the author of Sober Stick Figure, cataloguing her lifetime of experiences around alcohol abuse until she gave up over seven years ago.

If you’re out there and even if you found a mocktail and you’re feeling uncomfortable, it’s totally normal. What I found helpful for me is that most people don’t care what I’m drinking. I’m worried about it, but most people don’t care. And I think if you’re not drinking and you’re at a party, you find a different way to socialize. I found the conversations to be more interesting and I was more interested – it just became more focused, and more real.

Amber Tozer

Camille Vidal is the founder of La Maison Wellness and Mindful Cocktails, and is known worldwide as a drinks expert and mindful bartender. Camille shares her wealth of knowledge on alcohol-free cocktails, how to guide bar staff to create incredible drinks with lower or 0% ABV, and generally how to have a great time and a great drink without worrying about alcohol.

I truly believe that flavor and connection and community is one mega cocktail. An incredible experience and an incredible moment is about more than actually is it alcoholic or non alcoholic and I think that we really changing the mindset at the moment.

Camille Vidal, La Maison Wellness

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