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February Wine Club

February Wine Club subscription box

This month in our Wine Club subscription box we’ve got three great bottles: a Trophy-winning French fizz, a South-African rosé created by Swedish cousins, and a little bottle of cordial that turns into an amazingly red wine-like drink when added to water. As usual, all three are below 0.5% alcohol and low in calories. As a nice bonus, they are all vegan, too.

Vinada Crispy Chardonnay

If you’ve been subscribing to the wine box for a while, you’ll know that we’ve had a few lovely sparkling Chardonnays before now. Vinada has something the others don’t, however: in the IWSC (International Wine & Spirit Competition) 2021, it won not only a gold medal, but also the Trophy for best No/Low Wine!

Vinada’s creator, Jess, has positioned this wine to appeal particularly to women. She calls it ‘a rebel with a bubble that provides fun, fearless and feminine alternatives to drinking alcohol. Whilst that’s certainly true, I think this wine deserves more: it’s a great alcohol-free drink for anyone and everyone.

Vinada is available from our Alcohol-Free Off-Licence, and online stockist like Amazon.

Cognato Rosé

Last July we included the Cognato white in the wine box. I’ve been keen to add another of their alcohol-free South African wines ever since. Here, at last, is the Cognato Rosé. The creators of Cognato are Swedish cousins David Sommestad and Adam Malmnä. As wine importers they know what a good wine should taste like, and where to find the best vineyards and winemakers. I think they’ve been very smart with Cognato, and really hit the right flavour profile. I know it’s only February, but there are already some sunny days when a rosé wine appeals, and I’m enjoying this a lot.

Cognato wines are available from Wise Bartender

Jukes Cordialities 2 ‘The bright red’

We continue our journey with the unique Jukes Cordialities. In last month’s box we had Jukes 1 (The Classic White) and Jukes 6 (The Dark Red). This month we have Jukes 2 (The Bright Red). It’s the same, super-cute little bottle, so easy to carry in your pocket or handbag (ready to add to a glass of water), but this time in a different style. Creator (and world-renowned wine expert) Matthew Jukes has cleverly achieved the flavours and textures of a light red wine, the sort you might chill as an aperitif, or drink with Italian antipasti.

Jukes Cordialities are available from the Jukes website, and a range of retailers.

Click here for more info about the Wine Club subscription boxes.

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