The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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Kate and Mandy from Love Sober on their new book ‘Love Your Sober Year’

Kate and Mandy from Love Sober on their new book ‘Love Your Sober Year’

Our podcast guests this week are no strangers to the mindful drinking world. Kate Baily and Mandy Manners, also known as Love Sober, are expert podcasters, alcohol recovery coaches, and well-known social media faces in the sobriety sphere. We’re delighted to welcome them back to the podcast to talk about their second book release, ‘Love Your Sober Year’. They talk to Club Soda co-founder Dru Jaeger about mummy wine culture, learning how to rest, and what life can look like during a sober year.

Who are Kate and Mandy from Love Sober?

Kate Baily is a freelance journalist and She Recovers certified coach for women looking for guidance in alcohol recovery. She coaches clients in the areas of wellness, self-care, and sobriety and works with Mandy on the Love Sober podcast and brand. Kate is co-author of their new book, Love Your Sober Year.

Mandy found my blog, Love Sober, and said ‘Do you want to do a podcast?’ which was a stroke of genius! So we started the Love Sober podcast and then we both trained as coaches and ended up setting up Love Sober together. We wrote our first book, which was all about the mummy wine time and that journey to coping with that label, and then ending up to now with the second book.

Kate Baily

Mandy Manners is an ICF certified Grey Area Drinking and She Recovers coach, as well as a Specialist Coach Trainer for The Coaching Academy in Addictive Behaviours & Habit Change. Mandy has a keen interest in mental health and is a Mental Health First Aider. She is a speaker, and activist, and co-wrote both of Love Sober’s successful books.

I come from very much a mental health perspective, you know, my drinking was very tied to depression and anxiety. And so I made that link. And every time I went back to drinking, it was very much through the lens of ‘I fixed my depression so now I can drink like a normal person’. And so I think that was the genius of the podcasts and our collaboration was that we just were fixing and finding solutions to the problems that we had throughout our own sobriety, and how could we sustain it, and building and sharing tools for living.

Mandy Manners

Where to buy the new Love Sober book

‘Love Your Sober Year’ is out now and is available wherever good books are sold, such as Amazon UK and US. It’s a thoroughly enjoyable book, taking you through each season with tips and guidance on how to safely and happily stay sober no matter what’s going on around you. We’ve found the advice going into winter to be really valuable and think that you will, too. And it could make a really beautiful Christmas gift.

Listen to other interesting podcast guests

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