The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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Lucy Spraggan, sober parenting, Nona, journalling, alcohol & menopause - Podcast #11

Lucy Spraggan, sober parenting, Nona, journalling, alcohol & menopause – Podcast #11

We start September with hope and optimism. After some uncertain months things are beginning to get back to normal. Here at Club Soda we have a general feeling of renewal and focusing on the type of movement we want to grow to be.

Part of this has come out of the Mindful Drinking Festival we did at the end of July and start of August. Hopes of our three real-world festivals may have disappeared, but creating and hosting a virtual Mindful Drinking Festival created an amazing sense of global community. Bringing together people committed to helping you change your drinking from across the world really makes us happy.

This podcast episode shares some of the highlights from the Festival, as well as a new book, a new drink and some new advice…

Lauren Burnison, founder of We Love Lucid, chats to British singer-songwriter Lucy Spraggan

Since her rise to fame on X Factor in 2012, Lucy has been kicking up a storm in the music world. She celebrated her one-year soberversary and has never felt better. Join us to get the low down on Lucy’s booze-free journey, her passion for fitness and being a sober person in the LGBTQ+ community.

You can view the full video of this interview on our Facebook and YouTube channels.

Love Sober’s new book: Love Yourself Sober

Love Yourself Sober: A Self Care Guide to Alcohol-Free Living for Busy Mothers

For most of us, drinking alcohol is a rite of passage into adulthood. Giving up alcohol completely can seem an extreme last resort, but Love Yourself Sober reminds readers that you don’t have to wait to hit rock bottom to start living a fulfilling, alcohol-free life. ‘Grey area’ drinking makes up everything and anything between the occasional glass every few weeks and alcohol dependence and much of the spectrum is seen as ‘normal’. We chat to Authors Kate and Mandy about the book.

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Join us on Thursday September 24th at 7pm (BST) for our FREE – Meet The Author Live interview. RSVP here.

Getting started with Maz Compton

With drinking embedded into Aussie culture, giving up booze can feel like an uphill battle. Join Maz Compton, media personality, author (The Social Rebellion: True Freedom Begins with a Cheeky Month Alcohol-Free) and Dry July ambassador, Sarah Connelly, Founder of SoberUpSide, Elaine Benson, Founder of Soberhood, Dr James Stewart, lifestyle coach Sarah-Jane Clarke and sobriety coach Sam Tomlinson (Seeking Sobriety) about how to master the art of living an adventurous and happy life without relying on alcohol.

You can view the full video of this interview on our Facebook and YouTube channels.

Meet Charlotte, founder of Nona June

There are lots of exciting new alcohol-free spirits to buy in the UK. One of the newest is Nona June. Laura chats to founder Charlotte about why she developed the drink, what to expect when you try it and her hopes for better options for people drinking less or not at all!

The power of journaling

Another snippet from the festival! Hosted by Kirsty Mulcahy founder of Sober Buzz and transformation coach (Skyrose Coaching) in Scotland, Amanda Grace (Pilgrim Soul), Tammi Salas (co-host of The Unruffled Podcast), yoga teacher and writer Rakhee Jasani and Club Soda co-founder Dru Jaeger will share their experiences of creative writing and artistic journaling and how to not just survive, but thrive!

You can view the full video of this interview on our Facebook and YouTube channels.


Alcohol and menopause

Alcohol impacts our bodies in all sorts of surprising ways, it affects everything from our hearing through to our metabolism. It can be especially noticeable during big life changes, such as the menopause. If you want to know how alcohol affects your body as you get older – then listen to this great interview with Lucy Blenkinsopp. Lucy is a recovery coach, she is also a yoga and mindfulness teacher.

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