The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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Millie Gooch on making friends when you’re sober

When you’re drinking, surrounded by your drinking buddies, and having a good time, it’s hard to imagine what life would be like when you’re sober. Would those drinking buddies understand that the good time can quickly escalate into chaos? Would they still want to hang out if you took a break from drinking? If you’re newly sober, will you be able to make new friends who understand your life choices?

These are all questions we’ve all asked ourselves if we’ve tackled problem drinking. Even those in long-term sobriety, like our founder Laura and friend of Club Soda, Millie Gooch from Sober Girl Society, have had to face up to the anxiety of change within their social setting. This week’s podcast episode is a throwback to our Q&A with Millie from last year’s Mindful Drinking Festival where our resident extrovert Laura and a formerly anxious Millenial Millie discuss making friends when you’re sober.

When you’re sober, Millie is a great friend to make

For those of you who don’t know her yet, Millie Gooch is a long-time friend of Club Soda who runs Sober Girl Society, a community much like ours who have introduced those in the early stages of changing their drinking to people of the same mindset and with the same goals. Millie gave up drinking when she was 26 and so is used to the challenge of making friends when you’re sober, and has helped many sober Milennials to find comfort in new friendships.

I think a lot of socialising when you’re sober is time and practice, you just have to keep putting yourself out there in situations that are new to you. And just remember that so many people are in the same boat as you, especially if you’re going to an event where the idea is to meet people like you. That’s like the whole premise, no one’s gonna think you’re weird. No one’s gonna think you’re odd. You just have to go in there and introduce yourself.

Millie Gooch, Sober Girl Society

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