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No Blue Monday

8 motivational tips to keep you on track this Blue Monday

Today is Blue Monday, a day when we could all use a little extra Monday motivation. Did you know that this is the day when most people give up on their New Year’s resolutions? Not you though, you’re going to keep going, and we’re here to help you on the way. Whatever goal you’ve set yourself in relation to drinking, whether that’s quitting, cutting down, or giving Dry January a go, here are some great bits of motivation from the Club Soda Community.

1. Be inspired by other people like you

Checking in with the (Club Soda Together) group reminds me of my reasons for sobriety and always gives me extra motivation – Claire

Try checking out the Club Soda Community or other sober and sober-curious spaces to see what people just like you have achieved. Surrounding yourself with others who are exploring the same journey of change as you can give you ideas for sticking to your plans, and inspire you for the life you want to live.

2. Focus on what you gain, not what you lose

Whenever I’m having a wobble, I like to revisit my intentions and remember why I chose to do what I’m doing. I think about the things I am gaining by making this choice.

If you have set yourself a specific goal, take a moment to reflect on this. Think about the good things that come with making the choice you’ve made. Maybe by drinking less you’ve made more time for a hobby, or for people that are important to you. For me, drinking less means I am more present in my relationship, and I can exercise more, which is a big priority. – Anja

3. Order something that supports your goals

If you’ve done Dry January, order something that arrives in February that supports your long term goals. I ordered a Peloton so I know I won’t quit once Dry January is over. – Emma

Everyone loves a good post day. Treat yourself for getting this far, and invest a little in keeping the momentum. Of course, it doesn’t have to be a big investment. You could order a nice alcohol-free drink or sign up to an online yoga class. Maybe you would like a diary so you can record the process of change, or a book that will help keep you on track. Speaking of books…

4. Find an inspiring book

Check out Rethinking positive thinking: Inside the new science of motivation by Gabrielle Oettingen – Laura

If you’ve watched one of our webinars, or done a course, you’ll know that we love WOOP (Wish, Outcome, Obstacle, Plan). Our obsession with wooping comes from reading Gabrielle Oettingen’s book, and the insight that obstacles can actually help us achieve our goals. This is a great one for reigniting that motivation. If this one isn’t for you, there are tonnes of great books to motivate you. Check out our review of some 2021 mindful drinking books here.

5. Beat Blue Monday with some great podcasts

Put on a podcast while you’re cleaning, cooking, or ironing. Listening to other people talking about what you’re trying to achieve is a great motivator – Jackie

Find some podcasts to get you in the right headspace. We love Janey Lee Grace: Alcohol Free Life, Beyond The Self with Africa Brooke, and of course our own podcast Club Soda Community Podcast. There are loads of great folk making audio content, so have a search to find the right fit for you.

6. Celebrate the small wins

See getting up, washing your face, and getting dressed as a good start. – Jackie

In the current pandemic setting, it’s easy to give yourself a hard time for struggling or falling behind on goals you had set yourself. This is surely the toughest Blue Monday on record! Remember that times are very challenging, and that nobody is perfect. If you’re struggling, try to focus on the small things that you’re achieving each day. With time, this will make the bigger things seem more possible. You’re doing great!

7. Check out our Webinar on the 5 Rs

Recognise. Reflect. Review. Retune. Re-plan. In this webinar, Laura talks us through the 5 Rs, and how to regain motivation when you feel things slipping. This is full of useful tips to help you fine tune your plans and keep on track. 

8. Get outdoors

Sometimes you just need some time and space to reflect. I find getting outdoors the best way to do this. It can really help to clear your mind and take you away from any distractions with home or work. I always feel more motivated after a walk or a run. – Kerim

If you’re in a bit of a slump and finding it hard to motivate yourself, or you’re wondering why you even bothered in the first place, go and talk a walk. Stepping out of your environment can give you a little headspace to refocus and regroup. Take the time to think about what you’ve learned so far. This alone could inspire you to keep going. 

Don’t let Blue Monday get you down, we’re here to help…

If Blue Monday has got you beat and you’ve lost that motivation, why not try one of our courses to get you back on track? We have a variety of courses to suit your goals, and encourage you to shape your own journey in changing your drinking. You can find out more on our website.

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