The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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Interviewing Tom from Adnams

Our Podcast has Launched – listen to episode 1 now!

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We are proud to announce the long-awaited Club Soda Podcast launch!

Every month we will bring you an amazing programme full of interviews, drink reviews, behind the scenes info, top tips and more. 

In this first episode you will hear

  • Christmas drink ideas from our resident drink expert Anja.
  • Laura interviews the Wonder Festival team in Cambridge. How has their drinking changed and what are their tips for the Christmas season ahead?
  • How to get through Christmas with the Club Soda festive programme?
  • An interview with Dru about our new book ‘How to be a Mindful Drinker‘ (have we mentioned our book?)
  • Laura chats with Tom from Adnams about why they are making so many alcohol-free drinks? 
  • Plus events, news and more about what Club Soda is up to.
How to be a mindful drinker book

Access our podcast here

You can listen to the podcast using the player below, of find it at Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

The next episode will be out early in December.

Want to share your story on the podcast, or have a drink review or idea you want to record and share with the community? Then email

Interviewing Tom from Adnams
Laura interviewing Tom from Adnams

Drink brands in this episode

Adnams beers and wines. Available at supermarkets and Adnams shops, You can buy using our discount code ClubSodaVIP on both Dry Drinker and Wise Bartender.

Lyre’s coffee liquor, which you can buy using our discount code ClubSodaVIP from both Dry Drinker and Wise Bartender.

The brand new Sharab – Red Sea wine alternative from /Shrb. Available from next week on

Holly Go Lightly cider from Celtic Marches, which you can buy using our discount code ClubSodaVIP on both Dry Drinker and Wise Bartender.

Lindeman’s Sparkling Chardonnay, available from Morrisons and Asda, or from Amazon.

Note: Lyre’s, Shrb, and Lindeman’s are Club Soda drinks brand members. They have paid a fee to join as a member, but have no control over the content we write about them.

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