The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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sober clubbing

Sober clubbing: Morning Gloryville, House of Happiness & DryWave

While changing our drinking can be challenging, it’s important not to lose the things that bring us joy as a counterbalance. Giving up alcohol doesn’t have to mean giving up all the other things that booze may have played a part in, and that includes socialising, dancing, and feeling free. Sure, partying our socks off without alcohol to turn the self-conscious switch off can seem daunting. But what if this was a drink-and-drug-free party?

Our podcast guests this week have all changed their drinking and embraced sober clubbing. More than that, these sober party fans have been busy arranging events across the UK so that those of us who love to dance can still come together safely to do what we love: rave!

Sober clubbing organisers

Our first podcast guest is Roxy Deniz Ozalp from Morning Gloryville. We may well have partied through the night until the morning in our drinking days, but this sober clubbing experience actually starts in the morning. Roxy says that raving your way into the day is inspiring and energising.

We usually call our events ‘the wellness party’ because, over the years, the events have evolved slightly. So it’s not just the rave – the rave is always on. But we also have some yoga, we have workshops, talks, meditation, really delicious, healthy, nutritious juices and smoothies, superfood smoothies, and various other like sort of ad hoc things happening at our events. Because sober clubbing and wellness aren’t mutually exclusive.

Roxy Deniz Ozalp, Morning Gloryville

Keep an eye on Morning Gloryville’s website or our Events page as they’re planning an event in the very near future…a booze-free rave not to miss!

We also talk to Neil Hudson-Basing from a brand new sober clubbing experience, The House of Happiness. The doors of this figurative house swing open for the first time at the iconic Eletrowerkz, London on September 17, and you’re all invited to this epic housewarming!

We wanted it to be about the music and the experience and creating that community…we’re very much centered around house music and happiness, tapping into that sober joy. It’s not always about challenges and barriers. Sometimes it’s just about actually getting together and having a really, really good time alcohol-free.

Neil Hudson–Basing, The House of Happiness

Our final guest is Ben Riley from DryWave, whose Sundown event is on Bank Holiday Saturday, 27 August. This sober clubbing event is being held at Club Rebellion in Manchester and features legendary electronica group N-Trance, as well as 3 arenas playing old skool classics, reiki, sound bowl healing, and all part of one huge sober day rave. Tickets for this upcoming event are limited, so get yours now for a day to remember!

I’ve been into music since been a little lad. You know, it was, I was always a very good artist, an MC, a rapper. And it was just something that never took off. Because my focus from being a teen was just really to get smashed out of my face…when I got into this new sober lifestyle, clean living, I was able to really experiment with my love for music, and that took me into the club scene. I wanted to provide a safe clubbing experience for a community of like-minded people.

Ben Riley, DryWave
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