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Speaker House of Commons

Parliament’s Dry January boost: Speaker pledges more alcohol-free drinks for MP’s bars

  • As millions start a dry January – Speaker says Parliament’s bars will stock more low and no drinks
  • Speaker “pleased to play part in highlighting availability of low and no alcohol products in the Commons”

Sir Lindsay Hoyle MP, the speaker of the House of Commons, has responded positively to a request from consumers and UK drinks brands, to ensure more low and no alcohol drinks are available when Parliamentary bars reopen. Until now Parliament has only had three adult non-alcoholic options on offer. 

The move has been welcomed by founder of Club Soda, the Mindful Drinking Movement, Laura Willoughby MBE:

As millions take part in a dry January we are pleased that Parliament will get the same great choice of options as the rest of us do when we go to our local pub. Sales of low and no alcohol drinks have continued to increase throughout lockdown. We are pleased Parliament has recognised that diverse social spaces are about more than the strength of the drink in your glass.”

In his letter the Speaker, Sir Lindsay Hoyle MP said:

“I have discussed with Catering Services management who run the bars in parliament. We will be considering how we can list more low and non-alcoholic drinks in our bars, and this will be taken forward as part of any reopening of bars (post Covid regulations) in 2021.

“…and [I] am pleased we can play our part in highlighting the availability of alcohol-free and low and low alcohol products in the House of Commons.”

The original letter was  supported by Heineken, Sea Arch, Square Root and Lucky Saint among many other brands. 

Sarah Yates, Sea Arch co-founder said:

“Non-alcoholic drinks give much needed diversity and inclusivity to our drinking culture. They also encourage us all to make healthy choices at a time when our physical and mental well-being is absolutely paramount”

Rob Fink, founder & CEO of Big Drop Brewing Co, commented:

“You don’t need to look far to see that Britain leads the world in producing the best alcohol-free drinks. Parliament and its bars should be a showcase for that so we welcome the chance to be a part of it, whilst helping to keep MPs on their A game.”

Interested in this story – For more information contact – 07968708703 

Club Soda is the UK’s Mindful Drinking Movement – they run a guide to all the low and alcohol-free drinks and where to find them – They run the Mindful Drinking Festival and help people change their drinking habits through online courses and community. They have over 60,000 members.

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