Mindful drinking in hospitality

Work in hospitality or the drinks industry? Want to change your drinking? Discover How to Drink Mindfully

In partnership with The Drinks Trust

Club Soda is the Mindful Drinking Movement. We work with the drinks industry to promote low and no alcohol brands, and we collaborate with the hospitality sector to make sure pubs, bars and restaurants are welcoming places for people who aren’t drinking. So we understand the unique challenges of changing your drinking when you work professionally with alcohol.

Club Soda’s Mindful Drinking Programme (Hospitality Edition) offers a unique approach for people working in hospitality or the drinks industry who want to change their drinking habits. If you work in the industry and want to change your drinking, we can help.

About the Mindful Drinking Programme (Hospitality Edition)

Club Soda Mindful Drinking Programme Hospitality Edition

Based on behaviour change science, the Mindful Drinking Programme (Hospitality Edition) provides the information, tools and support to help you change your drinking, your way. When you join the programme, you’ll get a choice of two online courses:

But the programme isn’t just a course. It’s a community too. So we will introduce you to others in the industry and beyond who’ve become mindful drinkers. Becoming a mindful drinker could be the key to thriving in your job, and building a sustainable and productive career in the drinks industry. And we’ll give you all the inspiration and support you need.

The Mindful Drinking Programme (Hospitality Edition) was developed by Club Soda with support from the Wellcome Trust and Budweiser Brewing Group UK & Ireland.

And thanks to the generosity of The Drinks Trust, joining the Programme is completely FREE.

About The Drinks Trust Wellness Services

The Drinks Trust

The drinks industry has been uniquely affected by Covid-19. With the support of industry donors and fundraising efforts within its community, The Drinks Trust is now supporting thousands of people in the drinks industry who are facing difficulties because of the pandemic, and in 2020 they launched their Wellness Services. The Wellness Services include health and wellbeing guidance, help with sleep and insomnia, access to talking therapies, a helpline – and support for people who want to become mindful drinkers.

Club Soda is proud to be collaborating with The Drinks Trust. Thanks to their generous support, we are offering the Mindful Drinking Programme (Hospitality Edition) completely free to anyone in the UK who works or has worked in the hospitality or drinks industry.

What you’ll get from the programme

Please note: the Mindful Drinking Programme (Hospitality Edition) is only open to people who work or have worked in the hospitality or drinks industries. If that’s not you, Club Soda can still help. Check out our other courses.

How to apply for the programme

If you are based in the UK, and work or have worked in hospitality or the drinks industry, your place on the programme could be fully funded by The Drinks Trust. To apply:

Drinks Trust Signup

About you

About your work

Free places on the Mindful Drinking Programme (Hospitality Edition) are funded by The Drinks Trust and are only available to people in the UK who work or have worked in the drinks industry. Please answer these questions honestly. If you don’t, we may withdraw the course and ask you to pay the full cost of £40.

We will use this information to help us understand more about the backgrounds of people joining the programme. We may also use it to identify employers that we can talk to about take-up of the programme, so we can support more people.

We take your privacy and confidentiality seriously. So, we will never tell your current or former employer than you have applied to join the programme.

Choose the closest match for your current (or most recent) job
What do (or did) you do in your current (or more recent) job? eg Bar Manager
Where do (or did) you go to work? eg The Nags Head, Anytown
Particularly if you work (or worked) for a chain pub or other large company, who actually employs (or employed) you? eg The Big Brewco
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