The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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Make a donation to support the work we do at Club Soda.

If you want to support the work we do at Club Soda, you can make a donation using this “product”. Select the amount you want to donate, and check out is if you were buying something. This is what Laura had to say when she was named as the 11th most influential person in the UK in the drinks industry:

When I started Club Soda nearly 10 years ago, I did not imagine it would lead to me being recognised as an influencer in drinks … far from it, that was a world I had left behind.

But this part of what we do at Club Soda started with you, our members. You kept asking me the same questions: What can I drink when I go out? Why are there no better drinks?

We set out to answer that question in our first research project, funded by Hackney Council in 2016. Then, when more drinks started to arrive on the market, we put on the world’s first ever Mindful Drinking Festival in 2017. Since then, we have set out to answer lots of your Whys. About how to get hold of low and no-alcohol drinks, how to speak to your local bar, and what the best drinks are!

Being number 11 on this list of the top 100 people in drinks is a result of our quest to answer your questions. They guide our work and propel our mission. I’m amazed and honoured to see my name alongside so many talented people who work with drinks day in and day out, especially as many of the names in the list have supported the growth of low and no drinks and Club Soda themselves.

What does this mean for you?

  • Well, it shows that change is coming. It may be slower than you hope, but better drink options appear in venues near you every day.
  • Our culture is shifting, and the quality of the experience rather than the strength of the drink in your glass is becoming more important
  • That you play a vital role. You are the most influential person in drinks in your workplace, friendship group, or event – so be demanding. Flex your expertise. We’ve got your back!
  • Every time you buy a drink, visit our Tasting Room, or donate – you help me continue the campaign to improve choice and inclusivity in venues and events across the UK.

Well done, all of you!

We are grateful for for every donation!




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