The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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Why stocking low & alcohol-free makes business sense

As well as helping attract new guests to your venue, a good alcohol-free offering also helps maximise choice for existing customers and makes good commercial sense. Consider the upsell in offering a bottle of alcohol- free beer or an alcohol-free gin and tonic compared to a soft drink. Customers might spend more, but they will be happy to do so if it enhances their experience.

Equality of experience is key. When people go out, they want something they can’t easily get at home, served properly by an expert.

Just because they are at your venue during their lunch hour or on a day when they are not drinking, does not mean they want to compromise. Venues with a good alcohol- free range see increased profits, good reviews, and improved customer loyalty.

Tap space is at a premium on any bar – but if you have three similar alcoholic lagers, it’s worth asking yourself whether it might be possible to switch one out for an alcohol-free variant. Customer demand for draught alcohol-free beer is high – it is also a more efficient, sustainable, and profitable format for venues. 

Venues report an increase in group bookings when they add more alcohol-free drinks to their menu, as people check websites in advance to ensure a venue suits everyone in the party.

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Drinkaware is the leading alcohol education charity which aims to reduce alcohol-related harm in the UK by helping people make better choices about their drinking.

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