The alcohol-free pop-up off-licence is a unique opportunity to find out more about the alcohol-free market in a hassle-free environment. See products and packaging on full display. Sample and find out more about the market under the guidance of Club Soda and Brimful Drinks.

What is included

Meet Laura and Jussi

About Club Soda - Laura Willoughby and Jussi Tolvi

Laura Willoughby MBE is Imbibe’s Low and No Ambassador and speaks regularly at conferences and events, showcasing the best venues in the UK and beyond. Dr Jussi Tolvi is our behavioural scientist with a specialism in mindful drinking and consumer behaviour.

Laura and Jussi have been leading Club Soda’s work with the drinks industry for the past seven years. Supporting the development and promotion of low and no alcohol brands is an integral part of Club Soda’s mission to help people drink mindfully and live well. And along the way, Laura and Jussi have become experts in mindful drinkers and what makes them tick.

Club Soda’s work with industry includes supporting venues to upgrade their menus, and conducting research to help supercharge low and no alcohol brands. Laura and Jussi have also built a training course for venues to help their managers and staff develop and steel, their low and no offer.

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Add insights and advice from James and Christine from Brimful Drinks

Christine is best known for her work as Group Head of Wine for Hakkasan, although she has also been a Head Chef and worked in Operations. With a focus on improving, she led restaurant teams around the world to multiple ‘Best Wine List’ awards.

She also developed a class-leading sake operation, then set up an in-house no & low drinks research project. Her globally-based team sourced products, recipes and techniques from around the world, and developed several new drinks. The resulting ‘Orchard List’ was one of the first major no/lo offerings in a restaurant group.

She has won numerous awards including IWSC Lifetime Achievement, Imbibe Industry Legend, IWC Sake Contributor, WSET Educator of the Year, and the Wine & Spirits Ambassador Catey.

James is a passionate advocate for great products and great hospitality. He has expertise in all processes from idea to production, including product and ingredient sourcing, recipe formulation and benchmarking. He is also skilled in brand positioning and advocacy, on-trade menu development and implementation, training and engagement.

Before forming the consultancy James enjoyed a 25-year career in hospitality, working with some of London and Sydney’s finest restaurateurs. Since then he has worked with an array of great no & low projects with clients including Distill Ventures, Travers Smith, Nine Elms No.18 and Hakkasan Group.

In his spare time, James walks in forests, cooks, makes drinks and indoctrinates his children.

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How to book

Contact Laura Willoughby MBE by email or book time in her diary if you want to chat through the options.

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