The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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Working with your business

With nearly 10 years of experience of behaviour change and alcohol we are in a perfect position to work with your company.

We can:

  • Support you in auditing and reviewing your events and other touchpoints with alcohol.
  • Help you rewrite your events and staffing policies.
  • Train your managers.
  • Deliver staff workshops and tasting on Mindful Drinking.
  • Company-wide cocktail classes or drink tastings. We offer these UK-wide and virtually for your home-based staff or satellite offices.
  • Pop-up bars that can be both low alcohol and alcohol-free for staff events, wellness & mental health weeks, awards ceremonies, Christmas and Dry January.
  • Curate bespoke drinks menus and design a Company themed alcohol-free House Cocktail.
  • Support your staff individually through our digital courses.

Why Club Soda

We have delivered workshops in businesses such as Liberty Wines, The Telegraph and Comic Relief.

They are designed to be informative and practical and are accessible for all staff to participate in.

Our approach is rooted in behaviour change science and champions switching to alcohol-free drinks and tips for workplace events and networking.

Contact: Laura Willoughby MBE
Call 07968708703

Laura Willoughby

Cocktail Masterclasses

Club Soda welcomes you to an immersive and interactive alcohol-free cocktail class experience, where you’ll discover the artistry of mixology without a drop of alcohol.

Book us for your workplace, or join us in the heart of Covent Garden for an unforgettable journey into the world of Alcohol-Free Cocktails.

Designed for groups of all sizes, our alcohol-free cocktail class offers an ideal opportunity to bond, learn, and have fun in a relaxed and inclusive environment. Our alcohol-free cocktail class is perfect for Christmas parties, Dry January staff socials, health and mental health week events, and corporate team-building. 

Ours Cocktail classes are not sober events but are designed for everyone to learn more about drinking mindfully and living well

Mindful Drinking Workshops

Discover mindful drinking is a one-hour workshop. The workshop has been designed to be as inclusive and relevant as possible and is an introduction to mindful drinking and how to create and sustain change. It covers advice for socialising, busting myths and misconceptions about alcohol-free drinks.

The workshop can be delivered in person, streamed live and also undertaken virtually and are delivered by Club Soda founder Laura Willoughby. 

Pitching this workshop right is crucial to its success, so we provide promotional text and imagery that you can use in your internal communications.

We can also offer a small drinks tasting or reception after the workshop.

Audits, & Training

We engage your staff group as a whole about the role of alcohol in their working lives.

We gather feedback on types of business drinking that are particularly problematic (professionally and personally) and basic demographic information on business units, locations and role types, to see if there are specific areas to target in interventions.

We use this information to advise where change can be made and policies can be reviewed. 

We can then train your managers to ensure the delivery of change throughout the organisation and even curate a bespoke drinks menu for your organisation.

Tastings, pop-up bars and more

Tasting Events

We love sharing our knowledge of alcohol-free drinks. Our tasting workshops are a stand-alone event where we take your team through a range of alcohol-free drinks. 

Low and Alcohol-Free pop-up bar

We can offer an alcohol-free pop-up bar for internal events and parties. Costs based on date, number of guests, location and type of drinks.

Christmas Furoshiki Knot Wrapping Workshops


Learn the ancient Japanese art of Furoshiki, with a special focus on wrapping bottles in an impressive and sustainable way.

In-depth online courses for your staff

Alongside the mindful drinking workshop, all staff can access our free short course, How to Change Your Drinking, to reinforce their learning and access additional support if needed.

Longer term, some companies give their staff access to our intensive month-long in-depth courses to their staff on a pay-as-you-go basis, where we invoice you for any courses taken using your unique code. 

It is also a great opt-in offer for activities at key times of the year, such as your wellness week, Dry January or Sober October. 

About the Club Soda Tasting Room

Club Soda’s Tasting Room is the UK’s premier destination for low and no drink discovery, offering you a chance to explore a curated collection of over 150 of the best and brightest low-alcohol and alcohol-free drinks brands.

Each week, we have a wide selection of drinks available to sample, free of charge. Come and discover an outstanding selection of alcohol-free beers, wines, spirits, premixed cocktails, adult soft drinks and mood enhancers, and a selection of low-alcohol products.

The Tasting Room is a place to discover and explore alternatives to beers, wines and spirits. Discover drinks you’ll love with our team of mindful drinking experts, including IWSC and World Alcohol-Free Awards judge Josh Kelly.

Tasting Room interior

Accessibility at the Tasting Room

We occupy an old building but have done our best to make as many adaptions as possible to improve access to our venue.

Follow this link to see a walkthrough video and read other information.

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