Cocktails from the Glasgow Festival

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At our Glasgow Mindful Drinking Festival on Saturday 13 October, we had a great bar serving many alcohol free drinks: beers, kombucha, soft drinks, and three specially created cocktails. The recipes are by our Festival partners, Glasgow’s Liquid Academy.  All are made using drinks featured at the Festival among their ingredients.

CEDER’S Mind Reader

Made with CEDER’S Classic, bringing juniper, coriander, rose and geranium notes… For this cocktail, CEDER’S was paired with pressed apple, ginger, plump blackberry, green chilli, white tip tea infused shrub cold, mixture dry thrown multiple times prior to pour – served with a speared garnish of blackberries & pickled onion.

Buy CEDER’S in Tesco and Sainsbury, or from Wise Bartender using discount code CLUBSODAVIP.

Kola Nut King

A measure of Claytons Kola Tonic comes to the flavour game with their key ingredient, the West African kola nut, followed by hints of bergamot, kent hop & citrus oils with Bajen sugars. From this heart foundation, we then blend pressed lychee & pineapple juices with a smidgen of pomegranate nectar. Finally, A sherbet lime n lavender meander awaits with lime, rice wine & pickled ginger. Served with a candied ginger mint sprig garnish.

Buy Clayton’s from Dry Drinker using discount code CLUBSODAVIP.

Silk Tree Spice Trader

Silk Tree brings a rich bouquet of juniper berries, orange, cinnamon, lemon & coriander – challenged further in the Liquid Academy drink lab with orange chai tea, acacia & cranberrys, deep steeped in the orange flesh. Served with dehydrated orange, flamed cinnamon dusting and a single cherry surprise.

Buy Silk Tree from Wise Bartender using discount code CLUBSODAVIP.


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