The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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December wine club

A sparkly December wine club – worth £46

This month we have gone unashamedly festive with the contents of the December wine club box. After all, December is fizz month, right? The December box is all about popping corks and lots of bubbles. Actually, this means it’s one of the hardest boxes we’ve ever had to put together. The problem is that of all non-alcoholic wines, fizz is the star. I get the impression it’s easier to make a great alcohol-free fizz than a still wine, as there are so many good ones. When you factor in all the wonderful alternatives such as kombucha and sparkling tea, you can see it was a really hard choice.

I’m really chuffed with this month’s bottles: they are all stand-outs, and definitely some of the best products we’ve ever featured in the box.

This month’s subscription box if worth an amazing £46, and we’re offering it to you for just £29.99. You can still order yours (last orders midnight, 16th December), by heading over to our friends at Wise Bartender!

Have a great festive season (whatever you do or don’t celebrate), and enjoy our best-ever box.

Thomson & Scott Noughty Sparkling Rosé

T&S are stars of the alcohol-free world. Their original sparkling chardonnay is a worldwide hit (it’s sold in nearly 40 countries) and the Rosé is every bit as good. Amanda Thomson put heart and soul into making her wines, and the quality really shows. Noughty Rosé is crisp, harmonious, elegant and delicious.

Oddbird Sparkling Rosé

Oddbird’s “liberated from alcohol” wines are excellent, but are fairly new to the UK, and haven’t been easy to get hold of. I know that including this this means the box has two rosés in it, but I am sure you won’t mind when you taste it. This is an absolute gem.

Lyre’s Classico Grande

Lyre’s are one of the big names in non-alcoholic spirits and aperitifs. Now they have finally released their first wine, and they have made a great job of it: Classico tastes very like a Prosecco, and works beautifully by itself or in a Bellini. This is my first choice for festive parties this month.

Royal Flush by Real Kombucha

You know that we always put something in the box that’s a good alternative to wine. I’ve been asking for Royal Flush since the wine box started, and now it’s finally here. This is one of the most wine-like Kombuchas: it’s incredibly elegant, and quite subtle compared with some. Like all good kombucha it has a little more texture than a white wine, and drinks really well with food.

Wild Life Botanicals Nude

Founder Ellie Bradshaw has taken a different approach (which she calls ‘Bubbles with Benefits’), as her wine includes botanicals, vitamins and minerals, all designed to be good for you. I think she’s been very clever, as these wonderful herbs have boosted the flavour, and made Wild Life a really interesting and delicious drink.

Watch the tasting video below:

And finally……

If you’re in London this Christmas, for socialising or Christmas shopping, head on down to Club Soda’s Alcohol Free Off-Licence pop-up shop, just a short walk from the bustling heart of Oxford Circus. You will find all these brands and more, and you can take part in some exciting tasting events

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