The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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Advice for taking a month off drinking this January

Advice for taking a month off drinking this January

Tomorrow is 1 January, a time when we all start thinking about New Years’ Resolutions. These might be smaller steps such as getting more fresh air or drinking more water. Your goals for 2022 might be focused on addressing bigger issues such as problem drinking. This is the time of year when people think about taking a month off drinking. And if you’re thinking that this might be the plan for you, then at Club Soda, we’re here for it.

In the last podcast of 2021, Club Soda co-founders Laura and Dru discuss stepping forward into 2022 with a clear plan to take a month off drinking and kick-starting some positive change.  This discussion also features bounce-backs to great coping mechanisms shared by guest speakers at our Global Mindful Drinking Festival in October. Club Soda friends Scott Pinyard of This Naked Mind, Rhian Joy of In my Sober Skin, Lindsey Beveridge from Recovery Nutrition, Ruairi Fairburn from One Year No Beer, and Chris Marshall from Sans Bar in Austin, Texas.

Support for your month off drinking

In 2022, let’s concentrate on small, achievable pockets of joy.

Club Soda founder Laura Willoughby

If you are changing your drinking in January 2022, Club Soda is here to help.

Many people start the month full of good intentions but find their enthusiasm for being alcohol-free diminishes. Our in-depth courses offer a structured approach to guide you through January and beyond into a healthier and happier 2022. Discover How to Stop Drinking if you are taking a break or How to Drink Mindfully if you are exploring your options for longer-term change.

And remember that you are not alone in changing your drinking, whether just for January or for the long haul. The Club Soda community is a source of online connection, support and encouragement. Find us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram.

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