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AF Beer Club

Robin Lomax on celebrating AF beer for Beer Day Britain

Alcohol-free beer is the healthiest thing you could be drinking in the pub after water and we think that it’s worth celebrating the growing prominence of this fantastic, fast-expanding market. We’re particularly pleased that alcohol-free beer is starting to get the recognition it deserves as brands and drinks reach their own milestones. Ahead of Beer Day Britain, which is celebrated on the 15th of June this year, Club Soda founder Laura speaks to Robin Lomax of AF Beer Club about how alcohol-free beer deserves its place in our hearts and fridges.

What is the AF Beer Club?

Robin Lomax is the founder of AF Beer Club. In 2019, early on in his journey of discovering alcohol-free beer, he began sharing pictures of his favourite low and no alcohol beer on social media. After establishing #nolowmondays during the pandemic, a Monday evening event where people would get together online to sample various alcohol-free beers, Robin began collaborating with Wise Bartender on the first-ever alcohol-free beer subscription boxes.

It just keeps getting better and better. I think that that’s a testament to the producers and to the brewers – we’re just spoiled for choice really and that makes people keep coming back. People could stop their subscriptions but don’t because we keep the quality so high that people are guaranteed great beers every month. And yeah, I’m very proud of it. And I absolutely love curating these boxes every month and working with brewers and their producers and Tom at Wise Bartender. We’ve got such a great community and it’s so much fun!

Robin Lomax, AF Beer Club

What is Beer Day Britain?

Beer Day Britain is a day dedicated to Britain’s favourite drink. At 7 pm on 15th June, people are encouraged to raise a glass and say Cheers to Beer, posting their favourite beer on social media. It’s great to see national days like this supporting alcohol-free beer, with a Low and No section for those of us who prefer our Beer Day not to be followed with a Hangover Day.

If you’d like to choose a new AF beer for Beer Britain Day then take a look at our alcohol-free beer journey to pick something a little different to celebrate with!

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