The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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sober empowerment

Sober Empowerment with Harriet Waley-Cohen & guests

This week’s podcast features guest host, women’s leadership and empowerment coach, and long-time friend of Club Soda, Harriet Waley-Cohen. Harriet is joined by author and podcaster Janey Lee Grace and addiction consultant Ian Young. This inspirational trio discusses how sobriety has helped them and their clients to become more empowered.

Meet your Empowering Hosts

Harriet Waley-Cohen

Harriet has been on her own sobriety journey for the last 18 years. Since she gave up drinking in 2002, she has been helping people realise personal empowerment and true potential in sobriety. Harriet comes at coaching from a very real place – she herself has had many life experiences, having recently survived breast cancer, all whilst being sober. You can find out more about Harriet’s public speaking and coaching workshops on her website, or join her free Facebook page, Harriet’s Inner Circle.

I’ve been linking up with Club Soda and helping them empower their members, people just like you, ever since the launch of Club Soda. I’ve co-hosted workshops, such as how to be happier and healthier and have everything be more, more, more once you’ve given up drinking, rather than less, less, less.

Harriet waley-cohen

Janey Lee Grace

You may know Janey as being co-presenter on the UK’s biggest radio show, BBC Radio 2’s  Steve Wright in the Afternoon. Janey also hosts her own podcast, Alcohol Free Life, and is an ambassador for the empowerment that sobriety can bring.
Janey is also the author of several books on Holistic Living, and her recent publication, ‘Happy Healthy Sober: Ditch the booze and take control of your life‘ is available on Amazon now. As Janey says on her website:

I saw that alcohol had been stealing my joy, and being sober made me brave!

Janey lee Grace

Ian Young

Ian knows recovery from the inside out. His struggle with drugs and alcohol gave him the insight to act; he’s the founder of two of the largest drug rehabilitation services across the UK and Europe. Ian now lives in Phuket, Thailand, where he runs his private practice, Sober Services Global, as well as rehabilitation services in Southern Thailand. As you’ll hear, empowerment has been a tool that Ian has found invaluable in supporting those in active addiction and their families.

It’s been a long time since I’ve missed drinking. I get to choose on a daily basis to enjoy life sober without, you know, rose-tinting what’s going on around me. That’s empowerment. Life’s beautiful. I’m happy.

ian Young

If podcasts are your favourite way to digest content around changing your drinking, then take a look at our Podcast section on the blog for write-ups and audio. We also have a fantastic Inspiring Stories section where you can hear all about how other Club Soda members reached their goals, be they moderating, quitting, or taking a break.

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