The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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Taking time for tea with Michelle and Rob of Comins Tea

Giving up alcohol often leaves space for other things to become more prominent in your life. You might find you have more time for hobbies, have deeper relationships with friends and family, and learn to love other drinks other than alcohol. In Club Soda founder Laura‘s case, she accidentally walked into a fine tea shop one day, and so began her love affair with tea. Making time for tea is a simple way of including mindfulness in your everyday.

Laura and Club Soda director Nic Rattle went to talk to their favourite tea dealer, Comins Tea. Michelle and Rob Comins are so passionate about creating space and time for tea that they have devoted an entire Georgian house to the practice. They talk about leaves, infusions, and how taking time for tea is more than just a quick brew – it’s an easily accessible, meditative practice that can change your day.

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People always ask us, why have you got this tea house here? You know, I always used to take tea with my mother on a Saturday afternoon, so Saturday afternoons are special for me, that is a precious, sacred time for just taking time for tea. And then if you share these personal stories with people, about your life, about the life of people that grow the tea, and you combine that with those stories of terroir, then, in front of you don’t just have a hot drink, you’ve got a story. And I think that’s really special.

Michelle Comins, Comins Tea

Couple Rob and Michelle Comins have been travelling the world since 2007, collecting (and drinking) fine loose tea from the richest soils and highest peaks. Rob was once a tea sceptic, but after learning how diverse tea could be when served a pot (or four!) in Darjeeling, he’s a self-confessed tea convert. Now, they deal in tea and are the trusted advisors of not only our in-house tea fanatics Laura and Nic but of guests from across the globe to their Tea School. They also are now housed in a gorgeous Georgian townhouse in Sturminster, Dorset, as well as on Monmouth Street in Bath, where you can enjoy the mindful experience of taking time for tea in style.

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