The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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What’s on during our Global Mindful Drinking Festival October 2021

We’re taking a little hiatus from our podcast during October. But we’re not just taking a break. We’re thrilled to be running the Global Mindful Drinking Festival during the whole of October. Here are Club Soda co-founders Laura and Dru discussing what’s on and why you should sign up to take part now!

What is the Global Mindful Drinking Festival?

The Global Mindful Drinking Festival is a busy month of live drinks tastings, discussion panels, expert Q&A and webinars. Discover delicious alcohol-free drinks. Troubleshoot your challenges with changing your drinking. And connect with others in the Club Soda community worldwide. Our October Global Mindful Drinking Festival is a month-long online and real-world celebration of all things mindful and alcohol-free.

This is actually going to be our ninth festival, but only the second one that we’ve done virtually. So we’ve done seven Mindful Drinking Festivals in London and Glasgow, where we’ve got everyone to try lovely alcohol-free drinks, and also hear inspirational talks. And then, of course, we couldn’t do this during the lockdown. So, last summer, we did a big Global Festival over four days, with 24 hours back to back sessions. This time, we’ve tried to spread them over a month.

Laura willoughby, co-founder of club soda

Who is the Global Mindful Drinking Festival for?

Are you:

  • Interested in low and no alcohol drinks?
  • Having a sober (or soberish) October?
  • Thinking about your relationship with alcohol?
  • Sober curious or considering going alcohol-free?
  • Cutting down or moderating?
  • Tackling your lockdown drinking?
  • Or sustaining a life that doesn’t centre on alcohol?

Then the Global Mindful Drinking Festival is for you. Sign up for your very own festival pass here!

What’s on during the October 2021 festival?

We’ve got some keynote speakers who we are doing some Q and A’s with around particular things around changing or drinking. We’ve got panels with lots of inspirational influencers, and coaches and people in this space. They can take you on a journey from, you know, planning how to get through a month alcohol-free to at the end, reflecting on what to do next. There’s some workshops with Dru, me and Stephanie Chivers throughout the month also to help people. And then there are some real-world events.

Laura willoughby, co-founder of club soda

Want to know what’s on during our month of events? Head over to our Festival page to sign up for your festival pass. There, you’ll find a calendar of events, including talks and panel discussions by

…and many more!

What’s on in real life?

YADA Bar in Derby is excited to be throwing a BIG ‘post launch’ launch party! A BIG Sober Saturday in October to kick off our calendar of Mindful Drinking events! And we’d love you to be there. This will be a brilliant opportunity to mingle with incredible drinks creators, local sober heroes and more. With restrictions easing, YADA have decided to open their doors and welcome us in for an alcohol-free party, with live music, AF on draught, and some stunning alcohol-free cocktails. Tickets are only £5, and more details about the event, and how to find the YADA bar, can be found here.

Podcast update

We’ll be back with a fortnightly podcast later this year. We’re just making some behind the scenes changes and switching things up. And we’re really excited to come back.


A quick ‘Thank You’ to our fantastic sponsors

The Global Mindful Drinking Festival is made possible thanks to our sponsors. We’ve got three fantastic sponsors for this year’s festival.

We’ve got Lindeman’s Wines, who do the alcohol-free carbon-neutral wine. We’ve got Lucky Saint which has one of the most amazing alcohol-free lagers available on the market. And then we also have Lyres who many of you will know have a wide range of alcohol-free spirits, including their new Pink London Spirit.

No festival FOMO

Club Soda is a social impact business. The Global Mindful Drinking Festival is part of our mission to create a world where people drink mindfully and live well. If you can support the festival with a financial contribution, you will help us reach even more people.

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