The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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How Brits are embracing Mindful Drinking – Summary


This research is a milestone for Club Soda. For the last six years, we have been championing the benefits of low and no alcohol drinks, encouraging people to drink more mindfully and to live well.

We believe changing drinking habits starts with making better choices. Connecting people with the world of alcohol-free drinks is an essential part of helping people create and sustain lasting change. 

We have made a difference to this emerging sector in the UK through research, training for venues, curating events, and collaborating with other organisations and businesses that share our vision. We’ve developed expertise in helping consumers navigate no and low choices, and we make the case to venues and retailers for a more diverse drink offering.

This report brings together the wealth of data we have collected over the past few years about consumers and their preferences. And it contains brand new research providing an in-depth perspective on consumer needs, and how to give them the choices they need to live well. 

We estimate that 49% of UK adults don’t drink any alcohol or are planning to cut down. That equates to a market of 25 million potential consumers of low and no alcohol drinks. 

The data in this report identifies:

  • What mindful drinkers are looking for
  • What low and no alcohol drinks they are buying
  • What alcoholic drinks and categories they switch from 
  • Their loyalty to existing and emerging brands
  • Where they shop
  • And how they discover new drinks.

Augmented with in-depth consumer interviews, we have identified five types of low and no consumer behaviour that will help us understand shifts in behaviour over time.

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