Drivers’ views on non-alcoholic drinks in venues – Full Report




Venues have been committed to supporting customers not to drink and drive for decades. However, things have changed. A new range of alcohol-free drinks has the potential to improve the experience of drivers as well as increase a venue’s revenues.

This report considers how pubs, bars, and restaurants can better support drivers in encouraging them not to drink alcohol. It also looks at how venues can improve their non-alcoholic offering to attract more customers, both drivers and others. To find answers to these questions, we conducted an online survey with a nationally representative sample of 2,000 UK adults who regularly drive. A number of in-depth one-to-one interviews followed this.

Based on the survey responses, most drivers are currently choosing soft drinks or tap water when they visit a pub, bar, or restaurant. Venues could do better, both in providing an equal experience to all their customers and improve their bottom line, by improving their low and no alcohol offer.


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