Scott Pinyard, Certified Naked Mind Head Coach

Scott brings power and presence to This Naked Mind. He is the lead coach for all This Naked Mind programs and has a wealth of information and experience in exactly what you are going through. If you have a question, chances are, Scott has the answer. He gives practical and empowering tools to get back in the driver’s seat – both in your relationship with alcohol and anything else that is holding you back. You can see more about their programmes here.

Ruari Fairbairns – Founder of One Year No Beer

One Year No Beer is a behaviour change programme and online toolkit for surviving modern society alcohol-free, aimed at anyone drinking more than 3 glasses of wine a week. We help people change their relationship with alcohol which leads to most of them fundamentally transforming their lives – for the better.

Robyn Simms from Square Root Soda

Robyn is the founder of Square Root, an East London Soda Co. Inspired by the lack of quality soft drink options at her day job at renowned beer bar The Euston Tap, and the flourishing number of breweries opening across the UK, Robyn set out to create something better, and Square Root was born. Robyns is offering a festival discount of 20% off with code SOBER20 on their website.

Emily Syphas from Sober & Social

Millie Gooch founder of Sober Girl Society

Millie gooch is a writer, speaker, activist and founder of sober girl society. In February 2018, after years of partying and hangovers started taking a toll on her mental health, millie gave up alcohol and 7 months later founded sober girl society, an online and real-life space for women who don’t drink booze.

Hilary Sheinbaum author of “The Dry Challenge: How to Lose the Booze for Dry January, Sober October”, and Any Other Alcohol-Free Month”

Hilary is a journalist, author and speaker. She has contributed to top tier publications, including The New York Times, USA Today, New York Magazine, Yahoo!, and several other outlets. Hilary has been featured as a lifestyle expert on Good Morning America, Dr Oz, Inside Edition, CBS, NBC, and more.

Irene Falcone creator and founder of Sans Drinks

Irene Falcone is on a mission to change the way Australian’s drink. Founder of Sans Drinks, Australia’s first physical alc-free bottle shop, and online superstore. Irene is a multi-award winning entrepreneur described by Channel 7 as “the biggest disrupter of the liquor industry since prohibition. “With a unique understanding of the alcohol-free drinks market, including robust customer data insights into drinking trends and detailed knowledge of over 500 products.

Soberdave from David Wilson Coaching

Since giving up alcohol in early 2019, David Wilson aka Soberdave has very quickly become a driving force in the online sober community. Dave is a certified Grey Area Drinking Coach, Ambassador for Alcohol Change UK, and speaker and his new podcast, ‘One For The Road’ has had an incredible response, reaching the top ten in the Apple charts within days of the first episode being aired. Dave continues to raise awareness surrounding the stigma of alcoholism and has started talking in schools and colleges to educate the younger generation about the dangers of excessive drinking.

Don Shenker director and founder of Alcohol Health Network CIC

Don has supported people of all ages to understand and reduce their drinking, or to stop altogether. Don has worked for a variety of alcohol counselling services and was Chief Executive of Alcohol Concern between 2007-2011. Don set up AHN in 2011 and now also works for the NHS in London as a health commissioner. Alcohol Health Network supports people, workplaces and councils to promote alcohol awareness.

Eric Knight from SPIRITY cocktails

Eric is currently serving as Master Distiller for SPIRITY Cocktails, a new non-alcoholic cocktail made with Spirits Distilled from Tea. Eric is also the founder and President of 0 Proof Drinks, where he is “Rethinking the Adult Social Occasion”. “Rethinking the Adult Social Occasion” is about taking all of the beauty and romance traditionally associated with alcohol and bringing it to life in non-alcoholic products that not only share the craftsmanship defined by alcohol but are worthy enough to reach a changing consumer through the powerful machine of the alcohol industry.

Terri Wood founder of Not So Boring

Terri seeks to bridge the gap between drinkers & non-drinkers in creative industries, with the ultimate goal of eradicating toxic & booze-fuelled workplace culture.

Ellie Webb founder of Caleño

Sometimes in life, when you can’t find what you need, it’s time to make it yourself. Caleño was born out of personal frustration. Founder Ellie was on an alcohol-free night out with friends, but something was bugging her. Why should not drinking mean not having fun? She felt uninspired by the alcohol-free drinks on offer and decided it was time to bring some joy to not drinking.

Lei AKA DJ Katash founder of KashKats

DJ Katash is a Caribbean DJ and blogger who graduated in Biochemistry. Being independent from a young age moving country at the age of 14 taught her quickly to have her own mind and to be more intentional with the things one says they’re going to do.

Sharath Jeevan founder and executive of Intrinsic Labs and author of “Intrinsic: A Manifesto to Reignite Our Inner Drive”

Sharath Jeevan helps us see how we can achieve more lasting fulfilment and success in our work, careers, relationships, parenting, and as citizens. Intrinsic has received glowing testimonials from global thought leaders, the CHROs of leading companies and bestselling authors. He founded and led STiR Education – arguably the world’s largest intrinsic motivation initiative.STiR re-ignited the motivation of 200,000 teachers, 35,000 schools and 7 million children in emerging countries.

Camille Vidal founder of La Maison Wellness

Founder of La Maison Wellness, a multi-media platform that advocates mindful drinking, Camille Vidal is a globally recognised bartender & drink expert who turned mindfulness, yoga and meditation teacher. Vidal brings her wealth of experience within the drinks industry, her passion and creativity with the idea of bringing mindfulness into the glass, she creates mindful cocktail recipes inspiring you to drink well and live well like a healthy hedonist.

Shahroo Izadi at HOME | October 2020 ( and author “The Kindness Method: Changing Habits for Good”

Shahroo is a Behavioural Change Specialist and bestselling Author of The Kindness Method and The Last Diet. Drawing from both professional experiences of working in addiction treatment emend personal experience of changing ingrained eating habits, she hands over simple tools designed to help people change unwanted behaviours. Her focus is on helping others to build the self-awareness, self-esteem and self-belief required to make meaningful changes in any area of their lives.

Michael Sargood founder of Sober Socials

Michael Sargood is the founder of Sober Socials: a Southend-based social group that holds weekly alcohol-free events that provide a fun and much-needed local alternative to the pub. Michael is in recovery from alcohol dependency and is successfully rebuilding his life after years of spiralling mental health and addiction struggles which he hid from family and employers. He believes that focussing on what you gain from sobriety rather than what you are missing out on is key to living a happy and rewarding life that is full of connection.

Rhondell Stabana CEO of The Yada Collective

Rhondell was part of the University Rugby Club and his attendance on a night out was better than his Uni attendance. Although a lot of alcohol was consumed it was the social side that he loved the most. Seeing how people relied on alcohol led him to question the norm. Could we offer something different, that means more than just going out and getting drunk? Could we help people whilst doing so? Could YADA answer these questions? Rhondell works in sports development and has also held roles as a charity trustee and school governor. Each of these roles has given him experience in strategic planning and project coordination. Rhondell is at his happiest when he is blue-sky thinking, coming up with strange ideas and collaborating with people who are crazy enough to try them.

Michael Moss The Recovery Festival Bristol

Communications & Publicity lead for ‘The Recovery Festival’ in Bristol. A volunteer-led festival that has taken place every year since 2013. its sole purpose is to celebrate and support people in all varieties of recovery. Michael has been involved in the Recovery Festival for 18 months and is passionate about breaking down barriers and stigma that people face when they have problems with alcohol. Michael identified at the age of 20 that he had a problem with drinking, and spent a long-time accessing Drug & Alcohol services across Bristol firstly as a service user and since then as a volunteer for multiple services across the city. Whilst problems with alcohol can arise for any person, Michael’s focus is helping to build a safe space for the LGBTQ+ community to access services.

Richard Piper Chief Executive of Alcohol Change UK

Richard joined Alcohol Change UK as Chief Executive in September 2017, having previously worked for Mencap, NCVO and Roald Dahl’s Marvellous Children’s Charity and provided consultancy to many of the UK’s biggest and smallest charities. He is a trustee of the Children’s Chronic Arthritis Association and is an active volunteer for St Albans Woodcraft Folk.

Dr Valerie Mason-John M.A

Dr Vimalsara Mason-John M.A  is an award-winning author of 10 books, including her debut fictional memoir novel, Borrowed Body which explores the warring parts within a traumatized adolescent, and Detox Your Heart, Meditations for Emotional Trauma, and Eight Step Recovery Using The Buddha’s Teachings to Overcome Addiction. They are the co-founder of the secular 8-week course Mindfulness-Based Addiction Recovery MBAR and is also one of the new leading African Descent Voices in the field of Mindfulness Approaches for Addiction. They are the current president of the international organization Buddhist Recovery Network, which promotes Mindfulness and Buddhism as a complementary approach working with addiction, craving, recovery, harm reduction and abstinence. Valerie has been working in the field of inquiry over the past 15 years, as a trainer in conflict resolution and restorative justice, and as a guide with Liberation Unleashed, and as a mentor in Direct Pointing. They are a founding facilitator of Dr Gabor Mate’s compassionate Inquiry and a Graduate of IFS stage one.  Last year their book I am Still Your negro An Homage to James Baldwin (Social Justice Poetics)  was published and has been shortlisted for a prestigious Canadian Award, and last month their Anthology Afrikan Wisdom New Voices Talk Black Liberation, Buddhism and Beyond was published. They are a senior teacher in the Triratna tradition and live in British Columbia Canada.

Tom Davies from Alcohol-Free AF

Hey, I’m Tom. I’m 29, gay and from London. I’ve been sober for almost two years, and am incredibly proud to no longer be throwing up on the streets of Soho on nights out. I started my company, Alcohol-Free AF, to support people on whatever sober journey they’re on, and show the world how many alcohol-free options there are.

Lisa Elsworth from Bee Sober CIC

Lisa a mum of three is a director of the IPHM, an international accreditation board for Holistic Complementary Alternative Therapists and Training Providers. She is also a co-founder of The Sober Experiment and Bee Sober, an amazing social group for sober people all across the UK and a volunteer speaker for Nacoa, delivering talks to organisations throughout the UK, such as schools and youth clubs; raising awareness of NACOA’s services and the effects of parental alcohol problems on children.

Lisa is a positive thinker and will always find humour in even the darkest or most trying situations. Lisa believes that sobriety is the best thing that has ever happened to her, everyone she has influenced, and everyone she continues to influence. Lisa’s aim is to motivate everyone she comes into contact with using positivity, gratitude, mindfulness and self-care to bring about happiness and success whilst spreading the sober word.

Alexandria Walker from Bee Sober CIC

Alex is co-founder of The Sober Experiment and Bee Sober, is a mum of three and an accredited training provider focusing on alcohol recovery. She has a BSc (Hons) in Biological Sciences, a PGCE and is currently a fully qualified, accredited and experienced realignment coach and trainer.

After realising alcohol was impacting her mental health, Alex decided to give it up. Alex is practising self-care and mindfulness as part of her continued sobriety journey. Alex’s favourite self-care tools are exercise and running. Alex is a volunteer speaker for Nacoa, to support children of alcoholic parents, something which is very close to her heart from her own childhood experiences.

Lateef Joseph Maynard from The Wagon

As someone who has struggled with drinking, I became passionate about establishing a healthier relationship with alcohol and creating fun ‘out out’ spaces that do not revolve around alcohol.

Ian Bilik from One Man and his Grog

44-year-old guy, sober since August 2018, member and previous admin on club soda, drinker for 25 years and heavy drinker and addicted to alcohol for 10 years prior to stopping

Sarah Connelly from Tapped In

Sarah is an entrepreneur who has over 25 years of business experience and 14 years as a Company Director. She is a Certified Master Grey Area Drinking coach mindset coach and a passionate advocate for joyful alcohol-free living.

Matt Steinberg from Outside Edge Theatre Company

Matt Steinberg is an imaginative, values-driven, authentic leader who is passionate about intersections between professional and community arts, building evidence for arts-based health and wellbeing interventions and the development of early-career artists. With over 20 years of international experience in the arts and cultural sector, he is an award-winning art director, stage director and performer.

Matt was a New Generation Artist at Iford Arts and was awarded Equity Charitable Trust’s John Fernald Award for Emerging Directors, the Tyrone Guthrie Award from the Stratford Festival and the Christopher Plummer Award from Shakespeare’s Globe Centre Canada. Directing credits include Soho Theatre, Shoreditch Town Hall, the VAULT Festival, Southwark Playhouse, Theatre503, Iford Arts, New Diorama and Toronto’s Tarragon Theatre. His work as an actor includes productions at the Finborough Theatre, the Stratford Festival of Canada, New York’s Ensemble Studio Theatre and Classic Stage Company.

Laura Jerram

Forty-five-year-old woman formerly to be found holding court (and a wine glass) in the pubs and clubs of London Town before bringing two humans into the world and regularly declaring “it’s wine o’clock somewhere”. Now an adopted Brummie, I’m three years alcohol-free after attempts at moderation failed and failed again. Living by my new mantra: “wool not wine!”

Claire Davey from Canterbury Christ Church University

Claire Davey is a PhD student at Canterbury Christ Church University researching women’s identities in sobriety with a particular focus on online communities (2020-23) and hosts Club Soda UK’s ‘Meet the Scholar’ webinar series.

Emma Gilmour from Hope Rising Coaching

Emma is a qualified counsellor, psychotherapist, This Naked Mind and Gray Area Drinking Coach, living in Melbourne. Lockdown has seen an escalation of drinking at home in her clients, friends and media reports. Before she stopped drinking, home drinking was one of her favourite things to do so she has great hints and tips to help people struggling with this.

Emma had a long and very messy break-up with alcohol. It wasn’t until her eldest ‘had a word’ that things actually landed for her. She was going to have to start ‘adulting’ . Three years ago Emma started the process of rebuilding herself as a grown-ass woman. Still very much a work in progress, Emma is an Aussie based peri-menopausal mum of teens and the focus of her professional work is mums who want to model a healthy relationship with alcohol for their teens.

Debbie Moore aka The Sober Publican

Worked 20 years in hospitality, predominantly in pubs and bars, front of house and kitchen. Practised mindful drinking for 2 years and she has been completely alcohol-free since June 2021.

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