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From hangover anxiety to wellness anxiety… and everything in between

Club Soda member Rosie talks about how mindful drinking helped her find balance and manage her mental health.

Webinar: What happened to Jason’s social anxiety when he quit drinking

In this webinar recording, Laura talks to Club Soda member Jason, who shares his story of […]

Veronica Valli: How to deal with anxiety and panic attacks

Veronica Valli is the creator of the Soberful program, EFT practitioner and Recovery Coach. On […]

How to reduce anxiety and be more serene

The challenges of giving up alcohol or moderating your drinking habits can cause periods of […]

Alcohol and Anxiety

Alcohol and anxiety often go together. The fact that people use alcohol to cope with […]

Mindful Drinking and its Impact on Mental Wealth

Ruth Cooper-Dicksont talks to Tori Felder aka The Retired Party Girl, military veteran David Cooper, and Dr Radha Modgil about mental wealth.

Review of Drink? The New Science of Alcohol + Your Health by David Nutt

A Review of the book “Drink? The New Science of Alcohol + Your Health” by Professor David Nutt, on both the good and bad impacts of alcohol.

What it felt like to drink again after a 3-month break and what happened next …

Hector Hughes changed his relationship with alcohol, and tells us what happened when he drank again after a 3-month break.

How yoga helped me cut down and quit alcohol

On International Yoga day, Raakhee Thompson tells how yoga helped her change her drinking habits; first cutting down, then quitting alcohol altogether.

Alcohol was a heavy weight that brought much regret, discomfort, and difficulty in my life

Club Soda member Stephen Lynch quit alcohol, which had become a heavy weight for him. This is his story.

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