Annie Grace: 6 Things Science Says About Moderation webinar

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Our friend Annie Grace, author of This Naked Mind, kindly hosted another webinar on the Club Soda Facebook group. In this webinar, Annie shared 3 big secrets, and the 6 things science says about moderation.

Secret #1: Why moderation attempts often result in drinking more. Annie covers the science behind this bizarre phenomenon AND how you can prevent it.

Secret #2: The facts that explain why trying to moderate makes us grumpy and short tempered – and exactly what to do about it.

Secret #3: How to reframe your thinking so that you feel freedom instead of pressure around drinking decisions.

Annie’s six facts about moderation are:

1. Moderation means you are always making decisions about drinking. This causes “decision fatigue” and makes decision making harder again, and you are less likely to make good, healthy choices.

2. Alcohol creates a thirst for itself. One drink makes you want another and so on. And alcohol has many impacts on your body: some act as a stimulant, others as a sedative. As your blood alcohol level starts reducing, you will crave more.

3. Alcohol directly affects your brain’s ability to make good decisions.

4. Alcohol makes you thirsty and dehydrated, which leads you to want to drink more – and it’s easy to drink more alcohol, rather than water.

5. Alcohol numbs your pleasure centres over time: the things that used to make you happy won’t give you the same pleasure any more. And drink may seem like the only thing that is fun.

6. Liking vs. wanting: they are two different things. Drinking creates cravings for more, even when you don’t really even want it, and know it in fact just makes you miserable.

So the big question: Is moderation possible? For Annie, it’s not worth the effort. But her attempts at moderation led Annie to finding peace and living an alcohol-free life.


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