What it felt like to drink again after a 3-month break and what happened next …

Hector Hughes changed his relationship with alcohol, and tells us what happened when he drank again after a 3-month break.

Am I an alcoholic? Myths and misconceptions about problem drinking

“Am I an alcoholic?” is the wrong question. Discover the myths and misconceptions about problem drinking, and how change really happens.

“Six different breweries in three different countries in pursuit of brewing a classic lager”: An interview with Luke Boase, founder of Lucky Saint

Since their inception, Lucky Saint have gone from strength to strength. Combining a great tasting […]

Sugar, calories, alcohol, and non-alcoholic drinks. What does it all mean?

When many of us start to address our drinking behaviours, it is also part of […]

Stone Cold Moderation and Spencer Matthews’ Clean Liquor – Podcast Episode 10

In this podcast episode we talk to Spencer Matthews about getting sober and his Clean Liquor alcohol-free spirit, and Chase from Stone Cold Moderation blog.

Alcohol is really bad for creativity. The end.

Liz Horsman, a songwriter, psychotherapist, and presenter of the The Voice of Calm podcast shares her thoughts on alcohol and creativity.

How yoga helped me cut down and quit alcohol

On International Yoga day, Raakhee Thompson tells how yoga helped her change her drinking habits; first cutting down, then quitting alcohol altogether.

Big Drop want your best dad joke, fitting for a beer created by a stout-loving but tired new dad!

Rob Fink tells the story behind Big Drop – his game-changing, award-winning alcohol-free beer, and why he wants your best dad joke for fathers day.

Alcoholic vs alcohol-free beer taste test

We taste some of the biggest brands of alcoholic vs alcohol-free beers side by side, if you want to swap your regular tipple for something alcohol-free.

Slange Var – reasons for Cheer(s)!

Slange Var means ‘cheers, to your health!’ in Scottish Gaelic. They are also a company committed to minimising their impact on the environment.

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