The Next Round: What happens after you change your drinking?

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Amy Armstrong on ready-made drinks for a sober picnic

The British summer may well be unpredictable, but we’ll always find time to have a long Sunday afternoon lazing on a picnic blanket in the warmth. While this is a rare slice of balmy heaven for many, for some of us this can be a really triggering experience. In social situations usually associated with alcohol, the anxiety around the cans of booze and ready-made cocktails in the picnic bag can ruin a perfectly lovely day.

This podcast conversation with Australian non-alcoholic drink expert Amy Armstrong from Dry But Wet is all about the alcohol-free alternatives for sober picnics. There is now a great range of pre-mixed can options for us non-drinkers for our sober picnics, and Amy joins Club Soda founder Laura to taste test the best. This podcast was recorded at Imbibe Live in early July.

Why you should invite Amy to your sober picnic

Amy Armstrong is an Australian non-alcoholic drinks expert and founder of Dry But Wet, a low and no alcohol drinks review site. Amy passionately advocates for the best non-alcoholic wine and other beverages to be more on the menu across more Australian venues. She actively and enthusiastically promotes venues that offer non-drinkers a great selection of booze-free beverages.

I knew that in order to be a successful sober person, I was going to have to have alternatives. So at that time in Australia, there wasn’t an awful lot on offer. We had one online bottle shop and there was nothing that you could get in an off-license. But what was there I was buying and trying and logging and keeping track of what was good. And after about six months of doing that, I decided I should be making this a public thing. I wanted to help other people who are in the same boat who are wasting money tipping terrible non-alcoholic red wine down the sink. I’m not a tastemaker by any stretch of the imagination, but what I really aim to be as really honest and transparent about what I’m doing.

Amy Armstrong, Dry But Wet

Perfect pre-made sober picnic drinks

Amy and Laura tasted some of the best pre-made cans of low and no alcohol drinks on the market. This selection is perfect for your picnic basket or just to grab out of the fridge on a warm summer’s day. The drinks tasted in this podcast were:

There are many other conveniently canned, delicious AF drinks coming out of the low and no market at the moment. Take a look at Wise Bartender in the UK for a great selection. If you’re not in the UK, check your regional online retailer to see what’s on offer for your very own sober picnic. Some of our team’s favourites are:

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